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as you can imagine, things in jodi-land are not like they used to be and why i decided to plan a wedding in less than 3 months is beyond me... it's not even that it's stressful, it's just busy between appointments, meetings and finally getting the invitations out (on monday)... so far, people love them so that makes me happy and considering i spent 10+ hours printing, cutting, and stuffing on sunday - they better! ha! anyway, i'll keep the wedding-talk here to a minimum but check out my other blog if you want to hear more... ;)

in other news - eric was asked to speak and/or attend a security conference in ireland THIS NOVEMBER... he said they'll be paying for the whole thing and if i wanted to go along, the only thing needed would be airfare... i've never been to ireland and am really torn because one part of me would love to go, but is that being totally stupid 3-weeks before the wedding? i don't know all the details (how long, etc.) so that's the newest thing on my mind these days... guess i could look at it as a pre-honeymoon... ;)

i've been going to the gym again pretty regularly, so that's good news... i really should start pilates/yoga again because it would help me stay less-stressed, but haven't researched any local classes... i know i'd be more apt to go if i was paying for something, over doing a dvd in my basement but then again - i really need to be saving money right now so...

we've started to watch a few shows this season - got eric into biggest loser last week but this week, not so much... curb your enthusiasm was pretty funny though i've never watched it before and am anxious to see what they do with the whole seinfeld thing... i'm also interested in flash forward, which starts tonight - anything that is similar to lost peaks my interest... are there any shows that you are watching and/or excited about this season?

guess that's all for now - hope everyone is doing well... :)

happy thursday...

Fatinah  – (3:34 PM)  

I really enjoyed the premiere of The Good Wife. I like it so much that I'm convinced they won't pick it up - me liking a new show is usually the kiss of death!

Sarah  – (4:50 AM)  

Jodie, come to Ireland, you'll love it here!

Eileen  – (9:55 AM)  

Ireland? Absolutely, go for it. I watched half of Flash Forward last night and think I can get hooked easily. I saved it to watch with Jeff because I think he'd also be a fan very Lost-like in my opinion. Favs this season are returning shows - House (yes, I would marry Hugh Laurie on the spot if he asked) Grey's and the CSI family of shows.

Dee  – (3:40 PM)  

You must go! Opportunities like that don't happen every day!

Sarah  – (2:02 AM)  

Go to Ireland...you'll regret it if you don't! Don't pass this opportunity up!

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