no pain, no gain

to say that i'm sore today would be an understatement - had it really been THAT long since i lifted weights? holy moly, it hurts just to sit down and stairs - throwing myself down them would be much easier... but like they say - no pain, no gain, so i'm going to bear the soreness today and get back to the gym tomorrow (cardio would just kill me at this point)...

it's been snowing all morning but think the rain/sleet will be starting soon - should make for an interesting drive home... i'm lucky enough that if the roads are too bad for me to drive (i'm a huge scardy-cat), i can hop on a bus and it drops me off right outside my complex... course my car will still be at the metro but so far, i've had no problems leaving it there - i can always get it tomorrow... i wish they would leave us go home early but that will never happen! :o(

not much else going on today... work is slow so i'm enjoying the un-craziness but tomorrow will be busy - i have THREE meetings! as for tonight - i'm looking forward to going home, putting on my pjs, having some dinner, and watching 'celebrity rehab'... wonder who will get kicked-out first...

happy thursday...

p.s. has anyone tried starbucks skinny mochas? they are SO yummy and only 3-points for a grande... :o)

Kate  – (3:28 PM)  

I haven't had a chance to try the "skinny" drinks at starbucks, but I'm looking forward to them, the roommate already loves them!

marie  – (3:40 PM)  

I am NOT a fan of milk, but I tried a skinny caramel latte last night...HOLY CRAP was that good.

That will be a treat from now on!

...and so with you on the sore buns.

Steph  – (4:41 PM)  

Please do not hurl yourself down the stairs - we kind of like having you around! LOL - Hope the soreness eases up a never ceases to amaze me at how sore I can get. Geez you would think that we didn't ever use our muscles??!!

Have a nice, relaxing evening and then bust it tomorrow!

Sizzle  – (7:25 PM)  

here in seattle if it even so much as looks like it might storm or snow, everyone is clearing out of the office like there's a fire. it's kind of ridiculous actually. people, it's like less than an inch of snow. :)

iportion  – (8:43 PM)  

It's snowing right now

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