i was having a conversation with max this morning (my cat) and said that i would be happy with a 1-pound loss this week... i mean, why expect more and then be depressed when it doesn't happen, right? for me, having lower expectations seems to work out better in the long-run, at least for weight loss anyway... but low and behold, 3.6 pounds have disappeared - it's not quite what i gained during the holidays but it's a great start nonetheless... now the true test will be to see if i can KEEP it off because since we're heading out of town this weekend, my eating/workout schedule will be out of whack... i can't worry about it though - family is more important than gaining a little weight so i'll make the best choices i can... :o)

i'm on day 3 of the WW zero point soup - still enjoying but wonder how many days in a row i could actually eat this... i remember my leader (years ago) told us that she had a cup of this every, single day - can you imagine? i can't think of anything that would be good enough to eat every single day... what about you? is there something that you DO eat everyday or COULD eat everyday and not get sick of it?

work is much quieter today so i'm looking forward to the gym later... :o)

my coworker's bday is on monday so we're having a pizza party, god help me... :o(

happy hump day...

eurydice  – (12:50 PM)  

i could eat a grilled cheese everyday! or poutine.

Cara  – (1:02 PM)  

i could eat mac n cheese every single day.

i also ate spaghetti with with spicy red pepper sauce and cheese for 3 months every night while in college.

this is why i gained so much weight. hahah.

now i just wish I could eat salad every single day!!! hahaha

Sarah  – (1:02 PM)  

I eat chocolate every day. Only a couple squares, but every. single. day.

Congrats on the 3.6!! That's awesome!

Kate  – (1:54 PM)  

woo hoo, my 6.4 and your 3.6 have taken off on a permanent vacation together...yay!

I dont think there is much of anything I could eat everyday and not get sick of, but I pretty much have eaten steamed cauliflower or broccoli every night for the last year, and I'm still enjoying it, so I guess that would be it?

Anne  – (3:02 PM)  

Awesome loss, congrats! I hope I see one next week...

Let's see, I could eat mac n cheese at every meal and chocolate in between that. I seriously don't think I would get tired. ugh, that's pretty bad..lol

Teresa  – (3:18 PM)  

3.6 that is just wonderful!!!! Good luck with your lunch party. PB is a favorite of mine that I never seem to get tired of eating.

eat like a caveman  – (3:35 PM)  

everyday i eat apple and radishes...and i never get tired of them! but in a fantasy world, having a chocolate chip cookie with steamed foamy milk would be great too. =)

Dee  – (3:49 PM)  

WOW, great loss! I'm going away this weekend too. Let's hope for willpower!

Kim  – (6:39 PM)  

Wow Jodi!!! What a sweet loss!!! Congratulations!!!

There are probably a lot of things that I could eat every single day and still enjoy. And probably 95% of those foods are what got me so heavy!!! Oh, those were the days.... :)

TrixieBelden  – (7:37 PM)  


There was a guy in my WW meeting that swore by the zero point soup. He said he ate it everyday, sometimes multiple times during the day. He'd bring it to work for lunch and then, if he and his wife were going out to dinner, they'd have a bowl before they left to curb their hunger. I must admit, I thought he was crazy, but I also ate shrimp, green peppers and grilled onions for dinner for about 3 months straight, so who am I to judge? :)

Rebecca  – (8:24 PM)  

Jodi you did PHE-NOM-I-NAL!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!

Living to Feel Good  – (10:42 PM)  

Great loss!!
I eat (this is gonna sound boring, but I love it right now) carrots and 1pt ranch every day. I crave it some times too. It's nice to crave something that's good for me.

KL  – (11:08 PM)  

Woohoo! Good for you on your awesome loss!

I love the flatout wraps. They're so tasty. I put them in the oven and made little pizzas. Yummy!

Greta  – (7:51 AM)  

AWESOME loss!!! Those surprise ones are the best kind I think.
I could eat (and often do) bison every day. I didn't eat meat for 9 years and I think I'm making up for it now, lol. Its lean and very yummy!

CaRoLyN  – (12:00 PM)  

Mmm grilled cheese :)

That Loss is HUGE Jody. Proves that most of the weight you gained over the Holidays was just temporary. The rest will fly off in no time!

HappyBlogChick  – (2:51 PM)  

3.6 lbs!!! Good for you!

There's a sandwich+soup combo that I eat MOST days for lunch (not every day). When I buy it next time I'll post about it on my blog (I threw away the packaging, and I want to take pictures).

I eat raw carrots almost every day, too. Not at the same time of day, though.

Roni  – (3:18 PM)  

Awesome loss!!


Krissie  – (5:24 PM)  

Awesome loss!

I could eat Brie cheese, fruit, and pitas every day. EVERY DAY. We have had it several days in a row before. Yumm. Add a glass of wine as well...

Criz-tawl  – (5:39 PM)  

Congratulations on your loss!!!!!

ThickChick  – (6:38 PM)  

Your loss is inspiring!!!

I'm with everyone else... there are ABSOLUTELY foods I can (and sometimes do!) eat everyday... Wine comes to mind.

Nawaz ALi Lakho  – (8:41 AM)  

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