seems awfully light in here

i spent the night at eric's and woke up this morning thinking it was pretty light out, for being so early... ha! it was 7:15 (the alarm should've gone off at 6:30! WTF!)... who knows what happened but i bolted out of bed and was ready in about 20 minutes - it wouldn't be such a huge deal but i like riding in with him and if we leave after 8:00, there's no way in hell that i'll be at work by 9:00... talk about an exciting way to start the week! geesh! good thing it doesn't take me long to get ready (and yes, that includes hair AND make-up)... :o)

my weekend was good, did the spin class on saturday and it was mr-hairy-back-man again - his music was a bit better this time but not by much... class was full so good thing i was there when the gym opened... as for the rest of the day, i packed-up my christmas decorations
FINALLY while eric set-up my new computer (thanks again, darlin!)... it's amazing how much faster it is and how better everything looks - yea, i'm spoiled by macs now - sue me! my apartment is now empty and bare - i hate the first few days after putting the decorations away but it will wear-off soon i'm sure... ;o)

we watched 2 good movies this weekend - good night & good luck and eastern promises - i highly recommend both... i also watched carson's show on friday and think i related to this episode more than any, so far... her body reminded me of mine (minus the boobs) and what he was saying about letting "this much of your leg dictate how you feel about yourself" was really true... i mean, i hate my thighs (always have) but in the grand scheme of things - they're like 1/8 of my body... just makes you think about things in a different way - I LOVE THIS SHOW! :o)

i got an automated response from the HS this morning so at least i know my resume was received... i probably won't mention this again but i'll let you know if anything develops!

food has been okay, nothing stellar... i've noticed that i tend to go off-plan during the weekend and it really hasn't affected things too much but i'm afraid the pattern will eventually catch-up with me... like yesterday - i made yummy eggwiches for breakfast with 15-grain bread and turkey bacon but for lunch - we stopped at this place near his brothers and pigged-out... i just HAD to order chips & salsa, then we had soup (i had chicken tortilla), and then we had tacos (2 hard and 2 soft)... holy cow! we were so full but we were also starving which is another no-no... we didn't have dinner but i munched on some lime tortilla chips last night - just couldn't help myself... it's like once i start w/the mexican food, i can't stop! :o(

happy monday!

Sizzle  – (5:04 PM)  

i am the same way with mexican. delish! i can't say no! i don't want to! :) hee hee.

Melanie  – (5:57 PM)  

I'm glad to hear there is another Mac girl out there! :)

A Box of Chocolates  – (8:21 PM)  

My alarm clock has done the same thing to me...damn those things! I am the same way with Mexican especially the chips and salsa, once I start I can't stop and always ask for a second basket of chips. I can't wait to hear about the job, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Have a great week!

Rebecca  – (9:47 PM)  

what kind of mac did you get?

i heart mine but sad that they now discontinued teh 12". i know they have a 13" but damn that seems big!

Takeonestripperpole  – (11:21 PM)  

Oh I may be getting a Mac too ... we should start a club! I missed carson this weekend. :( I will look for a re run! Enjoy your week!

Vickie  – (3:43 AM)  

My son is thinking of getting a mac laptop to take to college now that word is available as an option.

long ago a personal trainer spent a great deal of time pointing out different body types too me - showing me what I would perceive as a "normal" person and then showing me things about that person that that person might not be so happy about. It really took the "hate wind" out of my sails about my own body. There are still things that are not my favorite (about myself) but that day really did show me that EVERYONE has something that bugs them - that the rest of us don't even notice (about them).

Kate  – (10:46 AM)  

I gotcha beat, I can be dressed and out of the house in 10 minutes :)

I hate it when I'm running late in the morning, it makes my whole day feel off and rush, hate it!

Trish  – (11:46 AM)  

I tend to eat low calorie throughout the week because of my not so good weekends. Normally this helps with weighin - though some would be surprised how little I eat throughout the week. Probably not healthy, but with some of the really bad weekends I have been having as of late...well, it has helped me not gain.

Good luck with the job hunting! If you lived in Canada I am sure I could definitely get you an interview here...we are always looking for good designers!

marie  – (12:56 PM)  

Soooo true about the 1/8th of your body thing. I spend the majority of my time worrying about my tummy and thighs when I should be soooo happy that I have transformed 80 per cent of my body from fat to fit.

absolute silliness!

Anonymous –   – (6:56 AM)  

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