for the love of god, slow down

i was too busy to post yesterday but made it to the gym, felt like i needed to run 20 miles after this past weekend... i always have good intentions of eating well but it just doesn't happen, so i'll probably see a nice gain this week... no biggie, i'm back OP so that's all that matters... we had a good time in pittsburgh regardless, my secret santa got me the lands end bag i wanted, as well as a square, cast iron grill pan - i can't wait to use it... i'm not sure about the bag though, i saw it online and thought it would be perfect for winter but it's too small for all my work stuff (purse, shoes, workout gear, etc.)... has anyone ever returned something to them w/out a receipt? the weather was pretty good though we hit some rain/snow on the way home and man, is it ever cold today... holy moly, winter is here to stay...

here's a funny story... my family has a speeding-habit (dad used to drive stock cars when he was younger) so it was no surprise that my sister (aka betty andretti) called me last month, in tears, because she got pulled over for speeding while going to see my dad... my nieces were in the car so that didn't help and she didn't want her hubby to find out because he would just ream her out, so i had to send her money to help pay the ticket... then eric got pulled over last week for speeding, on his motorcycle, on the way to work... AND when i got home last night, i found that i had been caught by one of the cameras not a mile from his house, on new year's day, for going 46 in a 35 zone... what the hell man... and just when you think things can't get any worse - eric got rear-ended in his mini this morning... some girl wasn't paying attention and ran right into him, messed his bumper up but nothing too serious thank-god... talk about bad luck! damn!

i missed 'how to look good naked' on friday, was it any good? i thought i had set the show to tape but once again, i must be dumber than i thought and messed something up... i hate when that happens...

though i suck at using my VCR, i DID successfully file my federal taxes last night (turbo tax is free to use and free to e-file for 1040EZ) and should be getting a refund in 2 weeks! yee haa! that check is going straight into my ING savings account (i highly recommend having one of these, by the way)... so what are YOU planning to do w/your tax refund this year - if you're lucky to get one that is?

happy tuesday...

totegirl  – (10:13 AM)  

OMG, I hate getting speeding tickets. This is part of the reason I'm trying to take the bus more often. I have a lead foot, and my philosophy is to stay out of people's way, so I want others to stay out of my way. You can see that this will not work well, hence the no driving!

Hooray you filed your taxes already!! I may have to pay because I sold a condo that my dad willed to me, but it was not under the estate anymore by the time it sold. :( Oh well. My dad took care of me, and if I have to pay taxes, then I will. IF, however, I happen to get a refund, I would like to use it towards a family trip. We have no savings. Bad us. But as long as there's a teenager in the house and then in college, I don't expect to save much...

Kim  – (10:39 AM)  

I'm so glad that you have a good time in Pittsburgh. :)

I've always had excellent service from Land's End. (We have one in our Sears at the Mall now.) I would be surprised if they gave you any trouble about returning the bag without a receipt.

good for you on your exercise!!!!!!! :)

CaRoLyN  – (10:49 AM)  

Hubby gets a nice littlebonus same time as tax season. Last year we were responsible and put it right on our house. This year....we're spending! New York City here we come!haha

Too bad about the awful luck on the road!

Greta  – (10:51 AM)  

Glad to hear you had fun on your trip. Its crazy cold down here in Raleigh it too early to say I'm ready for spring?
That is just CRAZY about all the tickets and the accident, totally sucks!

We have gotten a great refund the last 2 years thanks to our amazing accountant and the fact I own a business and we write A LOT off- last year we put in a brick patio and bought a John Deere tractor (welcome to the country). This year I'm paying off my biz credit card debt.

Teresa  – (10:53 AM)  

Sounds like you had a good time. Think everyone speeds a little bit in these parts, so much so they've hired a bunch of new officers just to hand out speeding tickets. Good for you making time for the gym with things being so hectic. Welcome back safe and sound. Have a great day.

Kate  – (11:07 AM)  

Love your outlook that what's done is done, and your back OP, way to go.

k  – (12:37 PM)  

My motorcycle riding husband calls his tickets "Performance Awards" - Knock on wood haven't gotten one since I was 17.

Look Good Naked was great. Gotta upgrade yourself to a DVR, you will love it!

I haven't even given taxes a thought...lucky you to be done!

jodi  – (1:20 PM)  

foo, what a great idea! maybe i'll use part of my return for a DVR - then i'll never miss a show again... :o)

Chris H  – (3:17 PM)  

Bummer about all the speeding tickets, you guys have all the luck! I have only ever had 1 ticket ... for going 6 kms over the speed limit..nasty buggers! Have a lovley day and slow down alright?

Sizzle  – (9:19 PM)  

you can watch how to look good naked on line. check out the lifetime site!

i love that show. it's really so simple and yet so revolutionary. i wish it was not on lifetime so more people would watch it. i feel empowered every time i think about it!

Kendra  – (7:18 AM)  

Oh man! I have never gotten a ticket (knock on wood). I think if I ever got pulled over though, I would cry. I'm a big WUSS. lol

I always want to save our income taxes. Dh usually wants to do something big with it. Last year, we had some land cleared off and a storm shelter built. What is an ING savings account?

A Box of Chocolates  – (7:03 PM)  

I'm a big speeder although getting much better now with my kiddos. I love tax time cause of the refund between the kids and their daycare expenses we are good! The past years I have also had school though so I'm anxious to see how that plays into everything. We always use some of the refund for our spring break vacation and the rest will go to paying some stuff off. Happy hump day back at ya!

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