would YOU pose naked?

happy saturday, everyone... i've had a good day so far - started off with a great spin class and then made myself a nice, healthy breakfast (scrambled egg with fresh chives and laughing cow cheese on a lite multi-grain muffin)... had to run max to the vets for some shots and nail trimming so i decided to stop by and see my mom... we ran to the store and i spent close to $100 since it's been a while and i needed all the basics: fruit, veggies, salad mix, whole wheat wraps, chicken breasts, milk, low-fat shredded cheese, cottage cheese, beans, etc.. i had to get all the supplies for my soup recipes and i also grabbed two cornish game hens for dinner tonight, which i'll make along with fresh asparagus... mmm mmm - can you tell i'm enjoying eating healthy again? ;o)

the rest of the weekend will be pretty mellow - going over to eric's later to watch the skins and steelers game tonight and then i'm going to visit my girlfriend tomorrow morning, who had her first baby back in october... can't believe it's been that long, my how time flies... we may also watch the latest harry potter movie tomorrow and then it's back home to make my meals for the week...

how many of you watched that new carson kressley show last night, on lifetime (how to look good naked)? i thought it was pretty good and am glad that it's only 1/2 hour because a full hour would've been too much... isn't it amazing how women see themselves so differently than everyone else? i loved how he made her chose where to put herself in that line-up and how she added 6" to her hips because she thought she was much larger... been there, done that... anyway, i'll probably watch it again so we'll see how next week's episode turns out... :o)

enjoy the rest of your weekend... :o)

Jeni  – (5:22 PM)  

Ooh that breakfast sounds delicious! I may have to try that tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Dev  – (8:53 PM)  

Your breakfast sounds wonderful! I really enjoyed last night's episode of How to Look Good Naked. I could really relate to the girl on the show last night and am looking forward to next week's episode.

Kate  – (10:19 AM)  

It's amazing how differently women see their bodies from how most people see them, I know I am totally one of those people, I always choose clothes that are too big!

Anne  – (10:39 AM)  

I have yet to see the show, I will try to tune in next week.
I'm in the same boat, going grocery shopping today so that I can stock up on all the good stuff I will need to stay on track this week :)

kelly  – (6:35 PM)  

hope you had a nice weekend! so mad the skins lost :(

Candace  – (7:41 PM)  

Ahh, I've heard of that show. Never seen it. I don't know - I'm getting used to posing naked in the full-length mirror, but that's about it, lol. Constantly trying to 'see' a difference. Time to start taking progress pictures, but the sports bra and shorts will need to be in it with me.

Sonya  – (9:41 PM)  

Your Saturday sounded marvelous! Nothing like kicking off a weekend with some exercise and a healthy breakfast. Keep it up!

KL  – (12:08 AM)  

Hey Jodi! I've been on a three month hiatus, but I'm back. Help me stay on track so I can earn a place back your list of peeps!

Happy New Year!

angelfish24  – (5:13 PM)  

Sound like a good bkfast. I do good most of the day and blow it at dinner, sometimes. I need to get back in the groove that's for sure.
Caught a little of the Seahawks game but not much as I'm over hear in Wash. state. I'm glad they won, we'll see how far they can go.

Have a great week and happy new year!

Eric  – (12:57 PM)  

I think you look GREAT Nekkid, btw. LOL.

golfwidow  – (3:19 PM)  

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