i survived panera bread

NSV #1
i went to dinner last night with two of my girlfriends (the ones that have 6 kids between them!) and they chose panera bread, because of location and time... knowing this ahead of time was a bonus because it gave me the opportunity to check-out their website and find the most healthy choices off their menu... so what did i end up getting? i went with the soup & 1/2 samich option and chose onion soup (sans cheese and croutons) and the smoked turkey on multi-grain bread (sans the mayo) and am very proud of myself... yes, i also had a piece of their multi-grain baguette but c'mon - how can you not have crusty, warm bread to dunk in your soup? anyway, all was fine until my one friend gave us homemade cookies - i only had ONE and plan on throwing the other one away (shhh, don't tell her)... :o)

NSV #2
i had 2 meetings today, one at 1:00 and another at 3:00 and i normally go to the gym around 2:00... i wasn't sure how long the first meeting would be so when we got out early, i sat at my desk pondering, "should i go for 30-minutes, go after work, or skip it all together?"... knowing myself, going after work was just not going to happen esp. since i found out something today that i will share below... and i didn't think skipping would be good either so i grabbed my bag and had a great, 30-minute jog (with hills) and some ab work... so when you think you don't have enough time but can really squeeze 30 minutes in - DO IT ANYWAY... yay me! :o)

not that it's any big news but last fall i had been playing with the idea of looking for a new job, so i updated my website and my resume but never finished because this thing called WORK got in the way... well, i was just cruising some sites today for fun and found a posting for a senior designer for the humane society near where i live (have i mentioned i LOVE animals?!)... most of you know that i take public transportation to work (metro) and it's not cheap but it's still cheaper than driving and less hassle... well, they made their biggest fare increase in the beginning of january and i'm now paying $4.50 each way and $4.75 for parking at the station, which comes to a grand total of $13.75... that's a lot of money, just to go to work everyday, so my goal would be to find a job closer to home and this posting was like a dream come true... the only thing is, i have some major work to do in the next few days, so i can get my site done and apply for the job... how exciting!

happy thursday...

Dee  – (5:12 PM)  

Good job on the NSVs!! Sounds like you still had a yummy lunch too!

Holy Crap that is SO expensive just to get yourself to work! This Humane Society job sounds fantastic...get your info to them asap!

Anonymous –   – (5:20 PM)  

Yay you! Panera is ALWAYS a source of hell for me...I love the artichoke and turkey hot panini but know I have to get a turkey on whole grain. So the fact that you did it is awesome!

By the way, I've given away more candy and cookies to my work that were given to me but shhh, don't tell ;).

A Box of Chocolates  – (5:24 PM)  

Congrats on all accounts...surviving panera, the 30 min workout, and the possibly a new job. You go! Good luck getting everything finished!!

Christie  – (5:25 PM)  

Wow, you are doing so awesome. Those are exactly the kinds of changes that will get you where you want to be and will help you stay there. You have the perfect mental attitude and determination! I am so jealous ;)

Shirls  – (5:52 PM)  

those are 2 really great NSV's, seriously amazing dinner, and then to top it off with squeezing in that 30 mins of hills no less! very impressive.

The new job possibility sounds wonderful, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

the veggie paparazzo  – (8:23 PM)  

What a cool-sounding job!

Do you exercise and then go back to work sweaty? A lot of people talk about exercising at lunch breaks, and I don't know how they manage it.

Steph  – (8:39 PM)  

Great job on hitting the gym - you are my hero!! I wish that I had that much gusto this week?

I'm crossing my fingers for the new job - that would be so awesome for you! Now quit reading comments and get to work on your site - LOL

Takeonestripperpole  – (10:12 PM)  

Way to go on the NSVs! And how exciting about the job posting! Totally go for it .... I bet you kick ass.

Kim  – (10:38 PM)  

Awesome NSV's Jodi!!! YOU ROCK! :)

And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on the new job - it sounds perfect for you!!

Sizzle  – (11:01 PM)  

i'm excited for you about the job prospect. thinking good thoughts!

Rebecca  – (11:39 PM)  

the smoked turkey is delish! and you dont even notice the mayo not being there!!

good luck with job opp!

Kate  – (8:55 AM)  

Great Great Great Job on the NSV's.

Good luck with the job thing, I can't imagine paying $13.75 a day just to get to work! But I can imagine driving my truck even 4 miles there and 4 miles back isn't that much cheaper when you factor in everything.

Have a great weekend!

ThickChick  – (9:16 AM)  

Haha, I just mentioned the same 30 minute dilemma in my last post! It is easy to talk yourself out of because you can be all 'yo, 30 minutes isn't enough time to really do much' and therefore you don't do anything... HOWEVER... In 30 minutes we can burn more than 300 calories, which makes the difference between a homeade cookie or not! Hello! I'll be using my 'only' 30s from here on out!

As for the job - fingers crossed for you! Upwards of $14 just to park and commute - WOWZAH! I shall not complain about my (free) 15 minute walk to work.

Congrats on the NSVs. I don't think we have Panera in these parts, but homeade breads are a big temptation of mine! Good for you!

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