i think my fingers are turning blue

day 2 back OP and it feels pretty good, minus the fact that i didn't get to the gym today (too busy learning a new video-editing software program) but i WILL be going tomorrow... it's probably best i skipped anyway because my knee was quite sore yesterday, might've been from the jog on tuesday... good news though - the principal emailed me back and told me the path was around 1/3 mile so multiply that times 8 and you get a little under 3 miles... sure felt like a lot more but then again, it's been ages since i've done anything on pavement... i'll shoot for 9 laps next time... ;o)

the weather has been utterly FREEZING here, i hate winter, i hate winter, I HATE WINTER... :o(

i just updated my WW points online and printed 2 soup recipes - zero points slow cooker soup and spicy black bean soup... i'll be making one of those this weekend for sure because then i'll have it for lunch during the week... my fridge has been seriously empty so i had oatmeal and yogurt for lunch - pretty funny huh... snacks were 2 clementines and a peanut butter fiber one bar - god, they are SO good! :o)

well, it's time for my bath and i just got the new fitness so i'm going to go thru that tonight (esp. since most shows are still repeats)... i started a magazine notebook a while back and as i'm going thru each issue, i write down any interesting quotes, books, clothing, workouts, and/or websites that i want to look at in more detail... it's a great way to keep things organized and speaking of - i found a nice weekly planner at staples but it was $20 and i'm not sure if the days are big enough for me to write-in... i'm so picky about stuff like that so i may try barnes & noble or office max over the weekend...

happy thursday...

byebyechunkymonkey  – (2:53 AM)  

Love the no point’s soups.. the warmth feels you up alone! Congrats on the almost 3 mile run, I can’t wait until my ankle heals so I can get out there and stick to my from the couch to 5k routine. I also keep a notebook of magazine ideas and clippings, if I didn’t I would be drowning in stacks of fitness magazines.

Chris H  – (3:02 AM)  

Good luck finding a new weekly planner, something I'm looking for too! I like lots of room to write 'stuff' !

Kate  – (8:39 AM)  

Congrats on getting in that almost 3 mile run, and two days OP, it's amazing how good the combo of the two can make you feel!

CaRoLyN  – (9:26 AM)  

That is a great run. Really good idea to try to keep uping your laps each time then you know your making progress! Kudos for getting outside to run! It's so cold!!

ThickChick  – (11:29 AM)  

Way to get back on plan!

I'm with you re: winter. I HATE IT!
Really, I don't know why I haven't moved to a warmer climate yet.

As for zero point soups - do those really fill you up at lunch? I typically find that I'm so hungry at lunch (even though I have a mid-morning snack) and I wonder if a soup with zero fat and very little or no protein would cut the mustard for me.... or do you supplement it with other items? Clearly I am bored with my lunch routines, so now I'm curious about yours! =)

Teresa  – (12:10 PM)  

Happy NY. Good for you getting back on program. All the best on you weight lose journey. Here's to 2008.

Anne  – (12:31 PM)  

Great idea, I think I'm going to make a batch of that soup this weekend. I HATE winter too, be glad you don't live here, it's FREEZING!

Candace  – (10:25 PM)  

Yeah, um, I'll need you to be posting that Spicy Black Bean recipe.

For me it's calendars. I've searched for the calendar I want for the kitchen (I had a great one last year), and if I don't get the good one I'd rather just have a freebie one until I can find a good one. It's so hard to keep track of everyone's schedule without the proper tools (lord knows no one else in my family can remember that the 9yo has the same activity every Monday at the same time every, single week).

OK, I'm done.

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