4 miles
42:20 minutes
475 calories

was going to shoot for distance but decided on speed this time, not too shabby me thinks (i can't do both yet but i'm working on it!)... there's nothing like a good workout before the weekend, and before going to dinner w/the boyfriend later tonight... my plan is to split an oven-fired pizza with him and have a nice, big salad and one glass of wine - totally doable, right? i managed okay at bob evan's last night with my mom but had 2 of their yummy rolls along with 6 fried shrimp, potato encrusted halibut, and a baked potato... no dessert though so yay me! :o)

i was here til almost 7:00 last night, waiting for some web-shit to be done, so i had to move dinner back with my mom and thus, i didn't get to watch LOST... eric didn't see either so we may either find it online and watch it later or just watch it next week - for those of you that DID watch it, how was it? don't give anything away though! ;o)

eric and i are also heading to my sister's this weekend, or rather to spend some time w/my dad... he was in the hospital a few weeks back and doesn't seem to be recovering very well - it could be the dementia escalating, or his heart wearing out, or both but i feel it is my duty to see him as much as possible... my sister wants to hold a family meeting between the 3 kids soon so we can discuss final plans - not like we're expecting anything or want to think about it but she's heard it's better to deal with stuff now rather than later when you're an emotional wreck... my dad was such a vibrant and funny man when i was younger, so it's very hard to see him in the condition he's now in - weak, quiet, mumbles his words, can't feed himself... one would think i was his granddaughter because of how much he's aged, but the eyes totally give us away... they are something i'll always love about him and thankful that he gave them to me... :o)

sorry to end on such a crappy note but just thought i'd share... as much as this blog is about losing weight, it's also about a lot more... thanks for listening...

have a great weekend...

Shelley  – (5:12 PM)  

Hi Jodi! That's a great run...and you made great time. I am like you...I can only work on one at a time too...time or distance. I am hoping for 5 miles and knee permitting.

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. It's definitely a tough situation. I think you and your siblings are doing it right...thinking and planning ahead. It seems morbid, but it's so smart.

You and your family will be in my thoughts....

Hugs to you,

Fatinah  – (6:03 PM)  

I'm really sorry 'bout your dad

marie  – (6:51 PM)  

Sorry to hear about your dad but he's lucky to have you and your siblings to be there for him.

Congrats on the great run - enjoy your pizza and your weekend!

Sizzle  – (11:26 AM)  

i'm sorry to hear about your dad. it's so hard to see them change like that. :( i hope spending time with him helps in some way.

take good care of you.

Kate  – (8:51 PM)  

Great job on the run! Your kicking some booty girl!

As far as your dad goes, I know how hard it can be. My grandfather passed away a year ago in October from a long battle with parkinsons and dementia, it's a very hard thing to watch someone go through. If you ever need to talk, shoot me an email, I'm here to listen.

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