finally the scale decided to show some progress in the right direction - i'm down 1.8 pounds this week so let's hope i can keep this momentum going... the loss might've been better if i hadn't splurged this past weekend - i made lasagna at my sister's and then we had brownie sundaes late that night (my fault for making them!)... i wasn't really concerned about what i was eating at that point but am glad i didn't let it carry-over into sunday... if there's one thing i have learned, no matter how bad you may feel you've been with food - you can always start over at the very next meal or snack... :o)

and i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that left comments or emailed me about my dad, i appreciate the concern and well-wishes... one never knows just how much time they have left with a family member so i'm going to focus on being there as much as i can for him - same goes with spending time with my mom... i try to help her out as much as i can, as often as i can, so at least i can feel good about that... :o)

work is beginning to pile-up - between this annual meeting in may, i also have other miscellaneous projects on my to-do list that will continue... as good as i am at multitasking, i prefer working on one thing at a time so i can focus all my creative energy at once... i left in a sour mood yesterday and had a headache ontop of that so after dinner, a bath, and catching-up w/everyone's blogs - i went to bed at 10:00... (yawn)

tomorrow is doctor-day for me - bloodwork in the morning (pre-op for my annual physical) and then i have a mammogram at 10:45... though i'm under 40 - my doctor strongly recommends me getting them since i've had a history of lumps... i'm so looking forward to having my boobs squished and squashed... yay! :op

happy hump day...

CaRoLyN  – (12:32 PM)  

Eww Mammograms. Never had one but I can just imagine.....Ouch!

Congrats on the losss. That is so great! Brownie sundaes sounds like they would get me in a lot of trouble so at least you were able to have one and then move on, not let it send you snowballing into a weekend of bad choices. All in moderation right?

pastgirl  – (12:41 PM)  

Congrats on the loss! Anf for staying on track! I've got my mammo scheduled for Fri so I feel your pain :) although actually the last time was pretty painless, all things considered – depends on the tech I guess.

Sarah  – (1:08 PM)  

boob squishing doesn't sound like fun!! And congrats on a great loss while still fitting in lasagna!!

Kate  – (1:08 PM)  

Congrats on the loss. I totally knew you could do it!

Jeni  – (1:12 PM)  

Nice loss - even with the splurge. That's how I like it :) I've never had a mammogram but I know I'll have to start getting them early because I've my family history. Hopefully it won't be too bad for ya!

Rebecca  – (1:55 PM)  

woooohoooo nuff said!

Sizzle  – (2:38 PM)  

boob squishage is not so fun. but losing weight is! ;)

eurydice  – (4:16 PM)  

awesome weigh in! happy hump day to you too.

Foo  – (5:34 PM)  

Great job on the loss and I had my baseline at 35 - squishing is not fun, but the peace of mind is worth it. Take care

Chris H  – (8:34 PM)  

Well done babe on the loss... and they are GOOD squishes eh? Better safe than sorry I reckon.

Anne  – (9:47 PM)  

Great loss Jodi!! Good luck with the mammo :)

Kim  – (11:21 PM)  

Way to rock the loss this week!!! :) Nice work.

I was down in the strip district this weekend and thought of you. :)

Trish  – (8:53 AM)  

Yay on the loss! Boob squishees...not so fun.

Dee  – (9:58 AM)  

Great loss Jodi!

Teresa  – (11:30 AM)  

High five for the loss! And you told me you were going to gain. Good luck with the physical. I had the big squeeze a few months ago, oh the joys of being a woman.

HappyBlogChick  – (11:50 AM)  

Congrats on the loss! My dr suggested a boob-squish for me when I visited her late last year. I'm procrastinating. You are smart for not being like me in all my boob-squish-slackerness.

I missed your post Monday - I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I agree that one never knows just how much time they have left with family members ... realizing that really helps you savor every moment with them. Do take care of yourself as you take care of them. (It sounds like you are - good for you.)

Steph  – (1:44 PM)  

Congrats on the loss and although it is a little late - your family is in my thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous –   – (1:59 PM)  

Yay! congrat on your weight loss. You are now back on the right track. Just don't get lost.

Caroline  – (2:54 PM)  

Congrats on the loss!!! You're doing fantastic, especially with all you're dealing with. You are getting so close!!!

EC  – (9:50 PM)  

That's great about the weight loss!! WTG :)

And good luck with the mammogram - its not nearly as bad as what people think :)

Living to Feel Good  – (10:27 PM)  

WoooHooOoOo GREAT loss babe!! Nice job! :)

Hopeful  – (10:31 PM)  

I just recently had my boobs squished. And now I'm going through a complete heart physical. It gives you piece of mind.

Congrats on the weight loss!

katieo  – (1:20 AM)  

Good job on the loss. Nice to see the scale cooperating! :)

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