just got back from the gym - i hate when the good treadmill is taken because the other ones suck and are much harder to run on... i got 20 minutes in and then i was able to hop on the good one but by then, i was wiped out... total workout was only 30 minutes but it's better than nothing, right? i will be going to spin class tomorrow so i'll make up the difference for sure... :o)

how many of you watched LOST last night? i'm feeling good about this season but hate to think we're only getting 8 new episodes because of the writer's strike... i won't give away any spoilers but i'm enjoying the flash-forward scenes... ;o)

work has been busy but quiet, i'm just glad it's friday... i'm going to dinner w/a girlfriend tonight and i chose mediterranean - a pretty healthy choice i think... their menu is online too so i was able to check-it out and plan my strategy: lemon tree salad with romaine and iceberg lettuce, crumbled feta, fresh tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, olive oil, and house dressing... and probably a falafel with fava beans, chickpeas, spices, salt, served with salad, tahini sauces, and pita bread... mmm mmm i'm hungry already! ;o)

other than dinner tonight, my weekend is looking pretty lowkey... eric's going to change my mom's oil on sunday and i have to help her w/some red hat society flyer which should be interesting... both my mom and sister are my worst clients! anyway, we're going to stay-in for the superbowl and maybe have some people over, maybe not, we'll see... i should get eric to make chili anyway because it's just so darn tasty... my goal for the weekend: KEEP TRACK OF POINTS... :o)

have a great weekend, everyone, and happy friday...

Shirls  – (4:03 PM)  

my great friend (an amazing trainer,, look at those abs!) says a body can improve in 30 mins, its just about what you do in those 30 mins..

I love the red hat society, something so powerful about women enjoying their wisdowm and beauty, along with their age :0)

Sizzle  – (5:36 PM)  

enjoy your weekend!

Chris H  – (8:45 PM)  

Isn't it neat when restaurants have their menu's online.... no wasting time hummming and harrring over what to order! Hope you have a fab weekend.

Kate  – (4:12 PM)  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lost. I was so ticked, I was stuck at work for 13.5 hours on thursday, and didn't get home until after 8, was so excited when I seen I had just missed the wrap up part. I'm very excited about this season, but as you said, bummed the writer's strike it going to give us a hiatus. Ugh.

Living to Feel Good  – (7:05 PM)  

LOST.... When it was over, and looked at my husband and said "F! I can't wait till next week!" So if you were in the groups situation who would you go with. I don't want to say much more than that in case others haven't seen it yet. And answer as if you didn't know about the flash forward.

Vickie  – (11:22 AM)  

If you have a minute - you are better at finding things than anyone else I know - on sunday morning (2/3/08) on the home page that popped up for Yahoo on my computer - there was a story about weight loss and interval training. I thought I created a link so I could find it again - but can't find it now. . . do you have time to see if you can find it???

Also - just noticed that both Snackiepoo and Pink Bunny foofoo blogs appear to be gone/down - did something happen???

ThickChick  – (1:40 PM)  

I hope you got your chili!

That Greek meal sounds LOVELY... I'm kinda hungry right now and there just so happens to be a Greek cafe in our office building.. Might be skipping my brown bag in favor of the mezzah plate!

I'm not a Lost watcher, though it does seem to cause addiction!

Vickie  – (6:26 AM)  

Thanks for trying - after I saw your note (I had tried googling but TOO MANY came up) I realized that there was a seperate prompt on Yahoo itself - and where I typed in "interval training and weight loss" there (not on the "web") - it came right up.

Shelley  – (9:55 AM)  

Hey Jodi...I hope you had a great weekend. I used to be a member at the gym...and I hated having to circle like vultures for the machines I wanted. I considered rejoining...but not sure I want to go back into the belly of the beast.

I adore Lost...and I am so glad it is back on the air. I enjoy the flash forward scenes too...I wonder if they are always going to do that this season or if there will still be flashbacks too?


Teresa  – (12:05 PM)  

Hope you had a great weekend. I heard alot of good things about Lost but never had an opportunity to watch.

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