would you want to be 12 again?

how many of you remember making these barrettes in elementary school? i must've had 20 pairs, plus made them for my friends - never used flowers though, always had beads at the end... funny how both good AND bad things get recycled thru the years... ;)

i started using my WW app yesterday, it's pretty easy-to-use though i had to go online to log-in my weight (not pretty!)... i also skipped the gym yesterday because my allergies were horrible and i felt like crap, but today is a new day! eric was asking me about bally's and how long their guest-pass is good for - i would SO love for him to join so we could go together... and being it's less than 5 mins away from our house, going in the morning would be great... :)

my shoulder is still hurting... bah!

just another wedding has been updated - we went for tuxes last night, how exciting! :)

we watched a tad of 'glee' last night - thought it was really funny... eric then goes, "what channel is this on? fox? i can't watch anything on fox"... not sure what that meant...

i'm wearing a new pair of black boots today - always hate the beginning since they're not broken-in yet... ouch!

that's all for now - time to get caught-up with what you guys have been up too... :)

happy thursday...

Anonymous –   – (11:20 AM)  

I miss barrettes so much...we made them all of the time!

carla  – (5:49 AM)  


Thanks so much for the memories and, perhaps, the activity for today with my 3.5 yo :)

Jodi  – (9:15 AM)  

total flashback.... I loved those barrette's! I used to spend hours making them and then trying to get the right "Valerie Bertinelli" style to wear them with-- not a pretty picture considering my hair is naturally curly! lol

Teresa  – (12:04 PM)  

Hope your allergies are better and keeping fingers crossed that Eric joins you at the gym. Good luck with the shoulder. Have a nice weekend.

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