i think your scale is broken

it was a busy weekend, that's for sure... i had quite the success on saturday with mom - we hit 3, big yard sales and though it may be early, i picked-up some great baby clothes... this one woman had THE nicest things (gap, ralph lauren, etc.) for dirt cheap, so my mom and i went thru the rack and picked-out a few things... eric had thought i spent a fortune, but when i said i only paid $4 - he was flabbergasted... i have no issues with buying clothes that i know were probably only worn once or twice - why pay full price for something the baby will either throw-up on or poop in... ;)

after the yard sales - we hit some normal stores and i grabbed some more stuff for my trip... i found the cutest pair of lands end shoes, a reversible jacket, some socks, a few shirts, and a bigger belt since all of mine (ahem) are now too small... i treated mom to dinner for mother's day and bought her a new purse (might as well have her pick-out what she likes, right)... i finally pulled-up to my house around 9:00 pm and was exhausted...

yesterday, we had a new roof installed... there were some times that were questionable (like running out of shingles), but they finished around 7:00 and it looks great... the weather was a bit windy but otherwise gorgeous - seemed like fall really... i did some more shopping at target last night and should really make a point in going every sunday at 9:00 because the store was empty!

this morning i had 2 doctor's appointments - my endocrinologist upped my lovenox dosage so now i'm doing 2 shots a day (AM and PM)... he said because i've had a clot before, that i'm at a higher risk of getting another while pregnant so that's why i'm going up to 60mg... he said my levels are perfect otherwise, so that's good news...

as for my OB - i was utterly shocked when the nurse said i hadn't gained anything this month... i really feel like i have, but i guess it's just my body shifting around? i also have to start getting a sonogram of my cervix every 2 weeks since i had a LEEP procedure years ago and my cervix may become thinner much sooner... with all these appointments, i'm glad i'm organized and can keep track of everything because it's quite overwhelming... guess i should get used to it, huh...

the last pic is of my salad today - the lettuce is straight from our garden and contains: baby romaine, arugula, and green leaf... i also mixed in some cranberries, walnuts, gorgonzola, tomatos, and grilled chicken... yum-o... =)

hope you're having a great monday...

Vickie  – (9:11 PM)  

salad looks very yummy!

Teresa  – (11:47 AM)  

Yum your salad looks good. Those shoes look very comfy. Have a great time on your trip.

Rebecca  – (1:36 PM)  

Oh my gosh.. CONGRATS on the baby! what an exciting time for you!

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