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since eric has been busy with the contractors - he put me in charge of finding a hotel in paris... i have been researching and reading reviews on tripadvisor.com for days (many that i had found two weeks ago, were booked) and finally decided on this one... hotel val girard is located in the 15th arrondissement and as you can see, not far from the eiffel tower... and to make it even better - i found a great deal on expedia.com as well, so at least we have the beginning and end of trip taken care of... as for everything in between - that is TBA... =)

last night was our big, annual meeting dinner - i was able to take a few shots of the signs that i created, and then hit the exhibitor reception beforehand (for some yummy guacamole/chips and tonic water)...  eric came around 6:30 so we scooted around the hall, grabbed a nice j.p.morgan totebag, and then headed upstairs to the ballroom... the menu was short ribs and scallops, but my boss had said that for the veggie option, they were doing ravioli... unfortunately that's not what appeared on my plate, but rather some over-salted risotto... the salad was good and the chocolate ginache dessert was okay, but i didn't finish anything... felt very "full" yesterday for some reason... maybe it's just my belly growing, who knows... by the time the entertainment started, it was close to 9:00 so we headed home...

weekend plans: lots of yard-saling with mom tomorrow, so i'm pretty excited... i also have some shoes to return and then have a few items i need to get for the trip, like a spring jacket of some sort and maybe a few pairs of walking shoes... as for sunday, we have much to do for our trip - eric wants to put together a slideshow for the family we are staying with, so that will take some time... the guys will be working on the roof as well, maybe they'll get everything done by monday... the dumpster was delivered this morning and will live in our driveway until the job is complete... i won't post pics until everything is done, then there will be a good before/after comparison... =)

and i WILL get outside for a walk today - no ifs, ands, or butts!

happy friday...

Vickie  – (2:24 PM)  

if you are buying new shoes to take - spend an hour or so a day in them (building up) so you break them in and are not dealing with blisters there.

if you want to get Euros before you go - check with your bank to see if they keep them on hand or have to order - some banks require a few days notice.

Vickie  – (9:31 AM)  

Happy Mother's Day!

Teresa  – (11:49 AM)  

Have a lovely trip. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. We are heading to Paris and then on to London for the week. Lets hope the volcano keeps quiet. All the best for a wonderful time.

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