oh yea, i forgot to tell you

i'm pregnant... =)

i apologize for not telling you guys sooner, but we were waiting for the right time and then my dad passed away and well, you know the rest... we just told eric's family 2 weeks ago, the rest of our close friends last week, and my coworkers last thursday (still haven't said anything on facebook)... i admit - it was fun keeping a secret, but i'm glad to finally have it out there... =)

so our little "spicy meatball", as eric likes to call him, is due the week of october 18 and puts me at 16 weeks... i found out that i was pregnant after having my pre-op bloodwork done before foot surgery - the doctor called me at work and said, "so we have your results here and i'm not sure if you know this or not, but you're about 5 weeks pregnant"... i had been about 2-weeks late, but thought nothing of it since my schedule was sporadic anyway... i had to keep quiet the whole day and didn't tell eric til we got home from work that nice - talk about stressful... he wasn't really surprised either - shocked maybe, but not really surprised...

to be honest - i NEVER thought, in a million years, that i would get pregnant this quickly... i had even asked my OB back in january about how long should we try before getting concerned - he had told me that if i wasn't pregnant by june, to come back... you should've seen his face when i went back for my 8-week appointment - he said, "wow, that didn't very long, did it"... i feel truly blessed and very lucky because i know there are a lot of women out there who have issues with getting pregnant - i really, really thought that was going to be me... guess i was wrong...

so after finding out - it threw a wrench into my foot surgery plans since i could no longer be put under anesthesia... so i had to get a note from my OB saying it was okay to have a local instead, and the rest is history... i was awake for the whole thing (which sucked) and couldn't take any pain medication afterward (which sucked even more)... will i be going thru that again any time soon? probably not and so far, my foot hasn't been hurting as much... yay!

overall - i've been feeling good... no morning sickness (at all) but i'm still pretty tired at the end of the day... the first few weeks were brutal - like as soon as i got home, i put on my PJs and was on the couch ready for bed... the doc says this should pass soon, but that i may start to get headaches (yup)... i've had a barrage of prenatal testing (because of my age) which has consisted of ultrasounds, sonograms, a triple screen test, and most recently - an amniocentesis... everything has looked perfect so far and we were able to get a firm confirmation on the sex --> a boy... again, i'm not surprised - i have always said that i would have a boy and would've been shocked if they said "it's a girl"... needless to say, my family (especially my mom ) is thrilled since we've only had girls... =)

so as you can imagine - my eating has been all over the place and same with my weight... i did not start this pregnancy at a weight that i am happy with, but there's nothing i can do about it now... they say 25-30 pounds is a good amount to gain, so that will be my goal though it's been hard during the last few weeks... i've hardly exercised because of all that's been going on - work, being extremely tired, and my dad, but know i have to make it a priority... just going for a walk is good they say, so that is going to be my focus...

i've had to buy new clothes already, though i don't think i look pregnant, and nothing from last summer fits (pants anyway)... size 16s are a tad too big right now so i'm trying to make do with buying stuff i can either grow into or wear for more than a month... i can't stand anything tight either so most of my shirts will have to be replaced soon as well... good thing i like to shop! =)

well, there's my news and hopefully this site won't turn into a total baby-blog, but i'm looking forward to sharing things with you since many of you are moms and have been thru it... and feel free to pass along any tidbits of advice - websites, stores, books, etc... =)

happy hump day...

Kim  – (1:51 PM)  


I am SO SO SO excited for you and Eric!!! What wonderful news. :)

Foo  – (2:10 PM)  

How EXCITING! Congratualtions to both you and Eric. I'm so happy for you and I think this came at the perfect time. Enjoy the pregnancy and here's to hoping that it's smooth sailing from here on out.

Sizzle  – (4:22 PM)  


I'm so excited/happy for you. :-)

Sugar  – (4:33 PM)  

How exciting! Congratulations!!!

Pinky  – (5:31 PM)  

Yay for you!!!

Megilon  – (5:36 PM)  

Congratulations!!! What a mix of emotions you've had over the past few months. Take care of yourself!!

Janna  – (5:59 PM)  


Vickie  – (11:20 PM)  

very excited for you. and it is okay if it turns into a baby blog. My babies are 20, 16, 12 - but I still remember!

Sarah  – (5:02 AM)  

Congratulations! I'm thrilled, you're gonna be great parents. Enjoy being preggo!

ChrisB  – (5:30 AM)  

Congratulations so happy for you both!!! Take care of yourself x

Teresa  – (11:45 AM)  

That is so wonderful. Congratulations, wishing you and Eric all the best.

Cory  – (3:45 PM)  

I'm late to the party, but Congrats!

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