change is coming

let me just start out by saying GO OBAMA! whoo hooo, what an amazing election and an amazing time for our country... i made it to the polls after work and waited for over an hour - no one was complaining in line and i found that to be pretty awesome (someone said the location never had a down-time during the day)... i stayed up as long as i could last night and watched mccain give his concession speech but fell asleep by the time obama came on... i was just too tired and couldn't keep my eyes open but it was SO nice to wake-up to such great news! :)

the annual report is officially done - i went to the press inspection this morning and as long as they don't screw something up in binding, i'm done done DONE with that project... i love going to see printers because i find the whole process so fascinating - most have modern presses but some still use the old ones... to see a piece of machinery (i.e. a heidelberg) that sometimes can be over 100 years old is just amazing to me... since i had to wait around in between sheet inspections, i took advantage of their customer lounge, checked email, and watched some talking head shows... the rep bought me lunch and then i was able to call it a day around 1:00 - how nice of my boss to say i could have the rest of the day off... as many hours as i put in - i should have more than that but our company doesn't believe in flex time... such is life...

monday night was the football game and even though it was a lot of fun, the redskins still lost (cus they played like ass!) and eric was all happy-go-lucky... it was quite funny seeing us since he had a steelers jersey and i had a redskins jersey but then again - we saw a lot of split couples throughout the night... it took us almost 2 hours to get there but getting home was easy, thank god - still made for a long tuesday since i didn't get much sleep... anyway, here are some pictures so enjoy! :)

can you tell this was before the game (meaning i looked happy)...

there's nothing quite like being in a stadium with over 90k screaming people...

not sure why i'm smiling but perhaps i thought we'd still win... :(

Sarah  – (7:38 PM)  

Funny, I don't get that same feeling at FedEx Field. I'm a medic with PG and worked the games for OT. Being on the outside or even the club level for that matter is very much not like being a fan on the inside. Why we couldn't meet nice people like you, instead of the pukers and fighters... I don't know what I would do if I actually got to be a fan there one day :)

New reader to your blog. Found you by doing weightwatchers search and see that ironically we're both in MD.

carla  – (10:17 AM)  

I am your husband (GO BIG BEN!!!)

but Im also an Obamamamma.

so Im split.


JavaChick  – (3:36 PM)  

Glad your killer project is done and you've survived. Hopefully things will be more fun/less stressful for a while. :)

Rebecca M.  – (10:39 PM)  

I would definately say perfect timing for the project ending.

Right before the holidays and even more reason to be heading to the gym!

Q102Briand  – (2:08 PM)  

Congrats on finishing your project and the game looked like good times aside form the final score. I have ZERO room to talk since I am a Bengal's fan lol

Teresa  – (1:29 PM)  

Phew I'm done too. Looks like a fun time at the game.

totegirl  – (2:16 PM)  

Ugh, annual reports...graphs and graphs and graphs, huh? But press checks are fun!

So jealous that you got to go to a game! I wanted to see the Giants at Cowboys but I have to work that Sunday. Lame! I would go see the Texans, but I'll only be disappointed on top of being broke.

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