on the mend

i finally went to see a chiropractor on tuesday (since i had off on veterans day) and found out that my back is ALL out of whack and needs major adjusting... i've been having mid-back pain for months and after they did some muscle spasm tests, it appears the problem is really in my upper/lower back... he also did some neurological tests (reflexes, etc.) which i sucked at, but it just goes to show you how weak you can be when your nerves are not working properly with your muscles... they took xrays of my neck and i went back tonight to get my prognosis - instead of having a nice c-curve, my neck is practically straight so my head isn't sitting on my spine properly... it's evident that i need some major TLC so i'll be going 3x/week for massage and adjusting, and then will slowly work into remedial therapy and then some physical therapy... i started treatment tonight and had 10-minutes of massage and then an adjustment - my neck cracked several times, as well as some areas on my back, and the doctor thinks i'll be as good as new in a few months... i will also need to work on my desk setup at work and at home, as well as my posture and other things... so my advice is - if you're having back pains, don't think they'll go away - see a doctor! you could make things worse by not getting medical attention!

work has been better now that the annual report is done and has been delivered... the president told my boss today that it's the most beautiful publication he's ever seen, and couldn't wait to go home and show his wife! i've also had several coworkers compliment me, including a woman in the media department who can be very harsh/mean at times... honestly, i think it really hasn't hit me yet (that it's done) so perhaps in another week or so i'll be able to look at it without looking for something that should've been fixed... ;-)

exercise/food has been mediocre at best... i needed a few more pairs of pants and have to admit, i had to buy 12's and not 10's... i bought most at consignment/thrift stores so at most, i'm out a few bucks but it's still a bit depressing... i know it's just a SIZE but i can feel that i've gained and i can see more jiggle than i used too... perhaps when my back is feeling better and i'm feeling better in general (still feeling funky), i'll be able to focus on myself again... i've lost interest in reading and am behind about 6 magazines - that never used to happen so i really need to work on that... i'm sleeping okay and haven't had daily crying outbursts so it's a very different depression than i'm used too... could be the change in weather too - this getting dark at 5:00 really sucks!

this weekend, eric and i are going to see my dad and then going to pittsburgh to see his parents... we'll be staying at my sister's cabin tomorrow night and then will spend the morning w/my dad on saturday before heading north to the farm... i haven't seen my dad in a while so i'm looking forward to that, same goes with his family... as for thanksgiving - we won't be doing the annual state college thing (with 80+ people) because eric needs to be in town for work... i'm not sure what i'll be doing instead but am looking forward to having a long weekend...

sorry for not posting/commenting as often... will try harder, i promise! :-)

happy thursday...

Vickie  – (6:37 AM)  

enjoy your trip!

Every time I am at yoga class (several times a week) I am very mindful of all the re-aligning that takes place. If I weren't at yoga - it would never happen on its own. I do quite a bit of work on my own - flat against a fall - because it makes the posture - or lack of posture - very obvious. It is hard for me to see myself - the wall sort of gives me feedback to know what straight is.

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