where did november go?

hello everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving... i've had a nice few days off and tomorrow, it's back to work and time to decorate... i'm known for making our area quite festive at this time of year and look forward to hanging more lights and putting up my little christmas tree... i figured as much time as i spend there, i may as well enjoy the sights and sounds of it all right? i finished decorating my apartment on friday - didn't get out nearly as much as usual since i'm at eric's every weekend but it's still nice to have a tree, various trinkets, and lights on my balcony... and yes, even eric has a small tree here so i think i've covered all the bases... :)

thanksgiving was great - my mom fixed dinner for everyone (my brother, his girlfriend, and my sister's family) so all 9 of us were crammed in her tiny place... the highlight is always her sweet potato & marshmallow casserole but the pumpkin cheesecake i made was pretty damn good too (sorry mom)... eric and i hung some lights on her porch after everyone left and took the much appreciated doggy-bag of turkey, rolls, cole slaw, and yes - 2 pieces of my pie... :)

i had off on friday and after going to the chiropractor (which is going well), i did a bit of shopping, finished decorating my place, and then went for an hour long walk/jog since the weather was in the low-50s... friday night, a bunch of my friends and i got together - sort of like a mini-reunion since some of us had not seen each other in years... i guess i can say that i know someone that works for someone famous - my friend mark (2nd from right) works on "diners, drive-ins, and dives" and said that guy fieri is just as he seems on the show (really nice and fun to be around)... he's even been to his house in california - how cool is that?! anyway, it was great to see them, tell stories from HS, and catch-up - hard to believe our 20th is coming up next year... i feel so old but am glad that i don't look it... ;)

as for the rest of the weekend - eric and i went truck shopping yesterday since he may have blown a head-gasket in the one he has now... we went to 3 chevy dealerships and test drove one - i know it may not seem like it but i'm a truck girl at heart (though we only drove fords!)... i grew up riding in trucks because my dad used it for work and most of the time, i rode in the back with my dog, sandy... and yes, eric already has a mini-cooper, a BMW motorcycle, and harley but a truck comes in handy for when we go to his parents farm, when we go camping, and for towing the bike so it's sort of a no brainer... he's doing his comparison thing now so maybe he'll make a decision soon and i can post a nice picture... does this make me a redneck? ;)

and as for today, besides the redskins getting their asses kicked by the giants - at least the steelers won... eric made another batch of his AWESOME chili and we just had some coffee chip ice cream with bananas, peanuts, and chocolate sauce... *sigh*... i read on someone's blog that WW may be introducing a new plan - anyone hear of such a thing? any idea what i may be?

happy sunday...

Elephant Steps  – (12:39 AM)  

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. That show your friend works for is pretty cool. I catch it every once in awhile. One thing I thought was cool about Guy was on one of the Thanksgiving specials he had his son help him cook, and I guess that's something regular in his household. I think that is SO cool!!
Let me know if you hear anything else on the new WW plan!!

Vickie  – (2:02 PM)  

sounds like a fun time all the way around.

is your chiro having you do exercises to 'teach' everything to line up the way that it should? to 'hold' the adjusting that he does?

Rebecca  – (12:39 PM)  


Thanks for the comment!

I know, weekends seem to be every dieters issue/complaint/nightmare depending on how you look at it!

have a good holiday if i dont hear from you before!

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