she's alive, SHE'S ALIVE

last week was utter hell for me - i somehow managed to only have ONE meltdown in my office and still get the annual report out the door at 5:30 pm on friday night... needless to say, i did not participate in any halloween parties or activities and eric went alone... even though he understood that i had a stressful week - i still felt bad that i didn't want to go but just didn't have the energy... so i went home, had pizza for dinner, parked my ass on the couch, and then went to bed around 11:00... i also had THE most lovely sleep-in on saturday (minus several incidents with max) and felt human again by the afternoon... :)

since this project knocked the crap out of me and i was working 10-hour days, i didn't go to the gym... i believe it's been two weeks so i'm making a point and getting there today, come hell or high water... food has been okay but both need worked-on and i need to get back on some sort of plan before things get more out of control... i did try on a pair of my 'skinny' jeans and they still fit so maybe i haven't gained as much as i thought - what a treat indeed! ;)

in other news - eric has adopted another cat... a friend of his found it near a construction site and took it home, only to find that she was allergic... so eric offered to foster him until she found it a new home but since last week, he's become very attached (surprise, surprise)... he got all his shots this past weekend and was giving the go-ahead to be around others - norman seems to have tolerated him quickly and max (my cat) has basically growled more than anything... having 3 cats, in a smaller house, is definitely going to be a challenge so we'll see how it goes... he's very cute, solid black, and purrs very loudly.... as for naming him - we went from jean pierre to tyler since the living room resembled a scene from 'fight club'... anything named after brad pitt is fine with me... ;)

and the only other exciting news is that eric and i are going to the steelers/redskins monday night football game - i have been so looking forward to this game for months... we'll be going with some friends of mine and their daughter who turns 16 today - neither of them have been to a game so it should be fun... she's like, "i don't even know what you're supposed to do"... hahahaha, i'll try and post pics later this week...

i was supposed to have off tomorrow but since this project ran behind schedule, i'll have to come in for a few hours... i did ask to leave early since i have every intention of casting my vote before the polls close at 8:00... GO OBAMA! :)

happy monday...

Elephant Steps  – (12:22 PM)  

Go Obama indeed! Have fun at the football game!!

Anne  – (12:46 PM)  

Glad that you will be back to a normal routine now! I'm the opposite, no work for weeks and now that the elections are over we have to hit the ground running. It's all good, I would rather be busy. Hope for you guys that Obama wins!!

Kim  – (1:09 PM)  

OOOOOOhhhhhhh I hope you have a blast at the game!!! It looks like we're going to have awesome weather for it!!! :)

Irie_Key  – (2:56 PM)  

Your photo made me laugh, it looks just like our bed which we have named "cat island" since our three cats own the most real estate above the covers. Kitty is the king of cat island and owns the middle third.

Rock that vote - I am blue through and through - GO OBAMA!

Rebecca  – (4:59 PM)  

glad your back and in control.

this is the exact time we need to be.

sharla***  – (9:45 PM)  

very cut kitties! Have a great tme at the game!

Vickie  – (2:28 PM)  

I wondered about you all last week - glad you are thru the other side and can regroup and rest.

Teresa  – (3:09 PM)  

Glad to hear you survived, hope I make it through my year end report as well.

JavaChick  – (3:35 PM)  

Kitties! So cute! If they can all tolerate being on the bed together, they'll probably get along okay. :)

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