you know when you're bored when...

you post a picture of yourself and your new glasses... 2-years seemed to just fly by so i had my eyes checked a few weeks ago and then made my usual pilgrimage to 'hour eyes' to pick out a new pair... i've become rather fond of thicker frames but chose a subtle blue color this time around... i think they're nice but yet still funky, in a jodi-kind of way, and think they'll work out nicely... :)

i had my 3rd visit with the chiropractor tonight - the doctor can't believe how tight i am in my neck and shoulders, yet only feel pain in my middle back... after a few cracks, he had me lay on my left/right side and moved my arm around (trying to keep your arm "like a noodle" is more difficult than you think)... he also showed me an exercise that i can do while laying on a pilates roll - i remember using that in my class and think it will be a wise-purchase... he said it will be good for my spine after a long-day at work, which seems to be the culprit of all my problems... i suppose 6 years of doing what i was doing, is going to take a while to un-do, so i'm hoping the pain gradually starts to disappear... it can really affect how you feel, on all levels, and i'm so ready to feel whole again... if that makes any sense...

i'm sure many of you received an email about mary lou retton's new weightloss plan... if you have no idea what i'm talking about, check out her website and then you can see for yourself... i'm not sure what to think about the whole "it's a scale but not really a scale" thing but do like that it focuses more on the basics and positive reinforcement... let me know what you think... :)

tomorrow, i am going to a thanksgiving luncheon with eric at AU and then we'll be going to a seminar in the afternoon (to stop smoking)... i don't talk about it often but yes, i'm a smoker though i don't do it often - i do it more when i'm around him... i'm glad that he took the initiative because we've been talking about quitting for a while - i had pretty much quit when we first met 4 years ago and here i am, still doing it... time to stop, once a for all... :)

no exercise for me today but i will do some treadmill work tomorrow... after the luncheon and seminar, it's back to the chiropractor and then i'm done for the week... :)

happy hump day...

Elephant Steps  – (10:35 PM)  

Love the new glasses and the color!! Remember Marta? I think you read her blog...she is trying to quit smoking too. Good for you!!

Chris H  – (11:50 PM)  

OOO the new glasses are fab. Love the colour.

Foo  – (1:05 PM)  

I adore the new glasses and thanks for the reminder...must make an eye appointment! Glad the chiropractor is helping :o)

Q102Briand  – (9:12 PM)  

LOVE the new glasses!!! I hope you have a great weekend :-)

Angie All The Way  – (7:57 PM)  

YUP, they look great on you! I'm going to pick out a new pair soon myself. The last two pairs I've gotten are like yours (with the thicker rims) because they seem to be the only kind that don't have those nose piece things that leave marks on your nose! That, and they are cool ;-)

Re Marylou's weigh: I friggin thought that YEARS ago, now I'm kicking myself! lol I dunno though, it's great to not focus on the number, but how the heck do you know if you're at a healthy weight or not?

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