sorry for my lack of posting - motivation is hard to find some days especially when i feel like i have nothing interesting to say... i DID notice, however, that when i post gory pictures - i receive a lot of comments (i'm so glad i can amuse you!)... funny how things work that way, perhaps i should post funny/gory pictures more often... just kidding... i know we all have our slumps/bumps when it comes to blogging and i just want you to do know that i'm still around (alive and kicking, as simple minds have said)... :)

my chiropractor appts. have been going well - i was feeling super last week but had some pain on/off this week again... they started me on some new stretching exercises to strengthen my neck, check and upper back muscles and can do them at home... i will also be getting a better chair at work which should help too (though it will take 6-weeks)... i keep wondering though if buying a new mattress is more important than i thought it was - i've had mine for at least 9 years and it wasn't brand-spanking new when i got it...

so here's my question: for those of you that own a sleep-number OR a memory-foam mattress - tell me what you think about it... i've heard good things about both and need to do some research but i wanted to ask you, my blogging-buddies, as well... as much time as i spend in it each night, i should make the best decision possible... :)

weekend plans consist of two major things: helping my mom setup for her christmas banquet tomorrow morning and then driving a car-load of kittens to a rescue in southern MD on sunday... i've done this once before for my sister (who's prez of her local humane society) and since no one wants to see these little guys get euthanized, they are taken to a rescue and then taken to places like PetSmart etc. to be adopted... i will take pictures since it's quite an amazing sight to see, 8 crates in my civic - very funny... and in between all that, i may do some shopping and watch some football though the redskins aren't playing til sunday night... a coworker and i have a bet and whose ever teams loses, buys Starbucks on monday morning... i can taste that grande skim pumpkin spice latte now... GO REDSKINS! :)

have a great weekend, everyone...

Kim  – (4:50 PM)  

I have a sleep number bed and I love it. Seriously. Nothing bad to say about it. Hubby has a bad back and this has helped him sooo much. :)

carla  – (6:25 AM)  

Im smitten with my tempurpedic (sp. mine is a horribly spelled love).

IM SO CHEAP I almost didnt get it---but Im glad I did and glad I passed on their pillows.

Lynn Haraldson-Bering  – (7:31 AM)  

I love my memory foam topper. I couldn't afford the whole mattress, but this place makes awesome 3-inch toppers: And I think they still have free shipping. With all the arthritis issues I have, this has been a godsend and I wake up with most things still in place :) hehe

How are the kitties?

Dr Zibbs  – (12:25 PM)  

I don't have a sleep number bed but I do use at least 5 layers of hay when I make my straw bed. Does that help?

Juice  – (11:28 AM)  

My mom loves her sleep number bed. I tried a memory foam pillow and felt like I was suffocating. For what it's worth...

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