make it stop

ugh, having all this food around is killing me... one positive thing has been i made a huge batch of turkey stock this afternoon so that will come in handy when i want to make soup... but then there's all the bad stuff too - good thing it's only once a year, right? i'm SO ready to get back in the weightloss game but feel it would be best to hunker-down after this week... yes, why not start tomorrow but i have mon/tues off, then it's back to work, new year's, and then eric's family christmas in pittsburgh next weekend... having all that behind me will be much better for me physically and mentally, so that's my plan for now and i'm sticking to it... :o)

my mom, sister, nieces, and i went major thrift store shopping yesterday - we had a lot of fun and i picked up a few sweaters, a pair of JJill jeans, and some corduroys (size 12! bah!)... then we had lunch a baja fresh with eric, then stopped by his place so they could meet norman and tyler, then did more shopping til around 8:30... i had made chili in the crock-pot and was thankful to not have to worry about making dinner when we got home... the girls loved staying at my place too (because i have cable and internet) and enjoyed spoiling max which is always a good thing... they left this morning and i came over to eric's where we've watched some football and ran to target to score some storage containers for the back of his truck... it's been in the high 60s today and doesn't feel like december at all - at least it's not snowing... :)

my plans for tomorrow: go the gym, finish my shopping, maybe have lunch w/a girlfriend, and then head home to do laundry and clean... as for tuesday - i have no plans besides going to the chiro so i may hang out w/mom and do something - we'll see... hope you guys are having a great weekend and i'll catch-up with you soon...

here's a shot of our family from friday night's dinner at my brother's... :)

Rebecca  – (6:06 PM)  

awe. im sorry they made you work. that is total bs!

glad your chrfistmas was well..have a good new year!

carla  – (6:52 AM)  

Im with you on all the food as well. the sugar rollercoaster is killing me and Im READY for ROUTINE.

hang in there---


Lynn Haraldson-Bering  – (8:31 AM)  

You'll fall right back into your routine. Deep breath. Have fun in da' burgh! If you're ever there and looking for a coffee date, let me know :) I'm just an hour away.

Irene  – (10:09 AM)  

Keep your mind on what you want to accomplish and all the fighting for it will get easier (at least I hope so).

Great pic of your family, btw.

Elephant Steps  – (2:22 AM)  

It's always fun to get deals when thrift shopping. I agree, it's easier to focus and work on the weight once all the holiday stuff is done. Other wise it's so up and down with emotions!

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