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thought i would share some holiday muppet fun... :)

my weekend has been pretty lowkey so far - took friday off and my mom and i did our usual christmas shopping extravaganza... we wear our red santa hats and go somewhere new each year - people always comment so i'm glad that i'm able to do that with her... i still have more shopping to do - this year i just haven't had the motivation or energy to shop like usual... my family always says that we're not doing presents but then end up getting small stuff for each other anyway... eric's presents have been done and are wrapped under my tree, same with my mom, but i still have more to get so guess i'll be doing that this week... i also need to plan my menu for christmas dinner - saw some good ideas on 'guys big bite' this morning so i need to visit foodnetwork.com and print out some recipes... :)

i'm feeling that part of my lack of motivation/energy is because of my thyroid meds - i was put on synthroid back in the spring and then decided to try generic since it's cheaper and some say, does the same thing... but after a few months - i just haven't been feeling like my usual self (hard to explain in words) and did some research online... some say that you should never switch and that some people just don't respond well to generic brands - though my levels are still 'normal', i asked the doctor's office to give me a new RX for synthroid again... i'm hoping this helps... for those of you with thyroid problems - have you had this same problem? just curious...

well, i'm off to watch some football with eric - dinner is in the crockpot (pot roast) so the rest of my day is going to be easy...

enjoy the rest of your weekend... :)

Elephant Steps  – (1:43 PM)  

I've only been on the thyroid meds for a few months, and I've mostly used generic, although I did get a free month of regular, and I didn't noticed any difference in how I felt or the pills. I hope the new ones make you feel better.
The foodnetwork has so many great ideas! I know I've printed out a few recipes the last two months...mostly desserts though.

marie  – (5:49 PM)  

Beaker = AWESOME.

Hope the thyroid issues are solved swiftly for you!

Vickie  – (11:45 PM)  

I think I remember a big story on NPR about generics that you are talking about - if you do a search on their site - you can probably find it easily. I think it was last year sometime.

Loved the muppet song!!!

carla  – (6:26 AM)  

hope you get it ALL figured out soon and THANK YOU for reminding me of my beaker love.

Id totally forgotten that from my youth :)

Teresa  – (11:38 AM)  

Love the muppets. Do hope you feeling like your old self soon. Happy Holidays.

sharla***  – (7:37 PM)  

I felt the same way on generics and also, when first on it, for about the first year, when the dose needed to be raised- took awhile to get to the right amount.

Merry Christmas!

Melissa  – (9:29 AM)  

I have been on the generic form for almost two years (as of next week) but I understand your problem of not feeling right, I still dont either thought its been getting better now that they are altering my dosage levels. Two questions for you, do you take the medication first thing in the morning and do you wait an hour before eating. I have noticed the days that I dont wait that hour that I dont feel like myself for a few days.

JavaChick  – (10:49 AM)  

The shopping trips with your Mom sound like fun! Hope you get your meds straightened out and feel better soon. Happy Holidays!

JODI : Gaithersburg, MD  – (1:30 PM)  

melissa - i can't access your profile to respond so i'll do it here... i've always taken my meds at night since that works better for me (i eat breakfast before i leave for work and am out the door in 45 minutes)... i had asked the doctor and he said as long as i took them at the same time, i'd be okay... maybe if my levels keep gradually going up, the dosage should change but i'll wait and see now that i'm back on synthroid... they also say it may take 4-6 weeks til it's back in my system so i'm keeping my fingers crossed... :)

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