why am i still here?

today was my company's holiday luncheon - they sent an email earlier this week saying that because they were trying to 'cut-back', the cocktail hour (beforehand) would be canceled... okay then! nice way to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! so as a result, my boss took it upon herself to bring in 4 bottles of wine and we had our own little party in her office... the luncheon itself was good - same thing every year: speech by the president, eat lunch, play a game, eat dessert, and door-prizes... i have YET to win anything so i came away empty-handed... such is life... since everyone came back, the office has been pretty quiet and my boss went straight to the bar leaving us to do as we please... guess i shouldn't be complaining! :o)

i had a nice surprise when i got home last night - my cable was out... AGAIN... motherf*cking comcast - they suck-ass! i mean seriously, how can a company be so incompetent? last time, they 'mistakenly' turned it off - wonder what they did this time... i called and asked if there was a reported outage in the area (of course there wasn't) and was scheduled for a service call tomorrow between 11-2... smack dab in the middle of my weekend too - thanks a lot... so once again - i'm out of cable, internet, and phone... awesome! :o(

i found this great fitness/goal journal on someone's website the other day and ordered one... it's called fitbook and since i'm itching to get back on the saddle in regards to losing weight and exercise - i figured i should start planning and organizing things... perhaps i look at it when i get home since i'll have nothing else to do... :o(

i also read Oprah's article last night (about how she gained weight back) and will give a recap the next time i post - it was nothing new or super revealing but more 'on the level' if that makes any sense...

well, i'm off for the weekend so have a good one... :o)

Q102Briand  – (12:38 PM)  

Jodi...I HATE when my cable goes out...what did we ever do before cable or internet??? lol I also really dislike the 8 hour appointment window that they give us here...I hope your weekend improves and you have a great one :-)

renee  – (4:03 PM)  

Good to know that I am not the only one who hates comcast!

carla  – (10:38 AM)  

Id love to hear more about what YOU thought about the great and might O's article.

why did it make me roll my eyes a bit?

not you?

Fatinah  – (2:29 PM)  

I can't wait to hear the re-cap of O's big gain story...

I'm still waiting for my fitbook...when, oh when will it arrive????

Carolyn  – (3:14 PM)  

Oh I saw the cover of O magazine yesterday in the line up at Walmart.....can you believe that her before picture looked like. I don't get it, how can all these celebs have abs of steel after being so overweight, having babies etc. No matter what I do I still have a little pudge there. Frustrating!

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