adios 2008

i was dreading coming to work today since i had such a long weekend but it hasn't been bad actually... my boss was going to come in late but then decided to take the whole day which is fine by me, even though she had wanted to take us to lunch... we might order chinese anyway and i need to keep things light since tonight eric & i are going to the melting pot with 6 other people... we hadn't made real plans for new year's and this came up on monday - he thought it would be fun so he told them yes.. i don't know his friends very well so i'm a bit unsettled plus our reservations aren't until 10:30pm (and it costs $65/person, not including alcohol)... bah! i'm going to be (a) starving and (b) tired by then but what can you do - i sound like such an old maid but i can't help it... staying home, ordering take-out, watching a good movie, and then watching dick clark's rocking new year's sounds like a great night to me... there's always next year i guess... ;)

i had a good day-off yesterday - went to the chiro and then spent the rest of the day with mom shopping... we seem to be doing that a lot lately but there were no clothes involved this time - instead, we walked around and visited a lot of nice, small shops... many had christmas items marked down but i didn't pick-up anything amazingly enough... we also had mexican for lunch/dinner and stuffed ourselves - who can pass up fried ice cream with honey/caramel sauce! ;)

yes, i didn't buy any clothes yesterday but i did find some nice things on today --> go here and you'll find a code for 70% off... not a bad deal considering how expensive their stuff is, i got a cute dress for like $17... whooo hooo! :)

i wish you all a safe and Happy New Year, and here's looking to a healthy and happy 2009~

Rebecca  – (11:34 AM)  

oohhh..we did that last year..went to the Melting Pot!!

I was a tad disappointed...the price is way too high considering the menu isn't really that special and the goodie bag doesnt warrant the price.

It was memorable though! We went much later and left around 11 which I felt ruined the mood because by the time we got home, everybody was sorta ready to head back to their own home so I think even tho it is late to eat, you're probably better!

Have a safe and fun New Year!!

Elephant Steps  – (3:04 PM)  

Happy New Year! I'll be doing the watching from my TV thing. We never really do anything except eat out. Have fun tonight.

Anne  – (8:52 PM)  

Happy New Year!

Candace MacPherson  – (11:12 PM)  

Happy 09 Jodi. Sounds like some nice, quiet holidays. Sucks about having to work though. Take care, Can

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