i still hate comcast

after rearranging my saturday plans - i was told, after the comcast person finally arrived, that they only key to the closet where the cable-boxes were, was locked and could not be open... something about another comcast guy not returning it - are you kidding me?! isn't that like against the law or something? so i was told they'd have to come back today and the rental office said they'd be happy to let them into my apartment (since i refused to take off work for their mistake)... one would think after the SECOND appt, they could figure things out but nope - i was told tonight before leaving work that they'd have to come back, again, to fix a faulty line... that's such BS because i was told that same thing in september when my cable when out and then found out, they had really turned it off "by mistake"... so now i have another appt on wednesday morning between 8-11 - will they fix it this time? let's hope so... assholes! :o(

besides the cable fiasco - had a busy rest of the weekend... eric got the bed of his new truck rhino-lined so we spent a lot of time driving to VA, then home, then back down when it was completed... he tried on some leather jackets at a nearby harley-davidson dealer so we'll see if santa decides to bring him one... saturday night - some friends of his had us over for dinner and that was nice (she even gave us a doggy-bag!)... sunday, we headed to my mom's to help get her xmas stuff out of the attic as well as put up her tree - she's one of those that just HAS to have a live tree, regardless of how close it is to christmas... the rest of the afternoon was spent watching football (stupid redskins but go steelers!) and i made homemade chicken pot-pie for dinner... yummy!

today was rough - i woke up on the wrong side of the bed so my whole day was shot... i hate when that happens so i hope things turn around tomorrow... at least i have a chiro appt tomorrow morning - perhaps that will at least make my body feel better...

i wrote up some things re: the oprah article and will post this week... that is IF and when my internet at home is working (i'm still at eric's house)... grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

happy monday...

Teresa  – (10:17 AM)  

Oh don't get me started on delivery or repair men. I am still waiting on various items that I purchased and were delivered broken to be fixed. Every couple of days I have to go home from work to wait for one of these guys. Apparently they have no idea that people work. Good luck getting that cable situation cleared up. Hope your mood improves, :) .

Rebecca  – (2:29 PM)  

seriously, dont get me started on Comcast. the minute ATT U-verse is available in our area, we are switching!!!

hope this gets taken care of soon.

and i think i woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Vickie  – (7:34 PM)  

We LOVE our Verizon here. . .

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