how did this happen

i consider myself to be quite the planner/organizer/woman-of-lists but this year - i'm just plain behind with everything... that is SO unlike me so i'm blaming my meds and hope that next year is better (plus i already told eric that we are not waiting til the last minute to buy shit)... i did some more shopping last night after getting home from eric's - border's is closing a store near my house so everything in the store was 30% off... i picked up the calendar i've been looking for my mom, rachael rays big orange cookbook, dean koontz's latest paperback, and a travel journal for my niece since she's going to europe next summer... i have ONE more gift card to get tonight for my brother and then it's off to the grocery store so i can buy everything for christmas dinner and this weekend when my sister and 2 nieces will be staying with me... i dread going but i don't have a choice really and it looks like i'll be working a full day tomorrow even though we close at 2:00 (stupid research just HAS to post something on xmas eve - WTF?!?!)... ugh! :-p

this is what i've come up with for Thursday --> hashbrown casserole for breakfast (with eric) and and for dinner (with mom & eric): some sort of appetizer (TBD), pear, blue cheese, and walnut salad, herb-roasted turkey breast, potatoes (TBD), roasted brussel sprouts, rolls, and greek walnut pie... menu subject to change at very last minute... ;-)

so what else has been going on... my chiro appts are still going well - had one this morning and he commented on how tight my shoulders were... the other doctor told me the same thing on friday and i could feel the knots under her fingers... i did learn some more exercises so i've been doing those and laying on my pilates roll every night - the pain has lessened, that's for sure, so hopefully that's a good sign... :-)

i had a mole removed on my chest last week, that seems to be healing nicely (as best it can anyway)... they said they'd call me either way with the results so i'm hoping it's non-cancerous...

guess that's it for now - h0pe you're enjoying all the last minute shopping, prepping, and planning like me... NOT! ;-)

happy tuesday...

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