so the mole i had removed last week was deemed skin cancer - basal cell carcinoma to be exact... according to this website, it's the most common of all skin cancers and for the most part - easy to treat if found early enough... the nurse said the doctor had removed all the bad cells and nothing had spread, but i have to come back every 3 months for a full-body check... i'm not really surprised since my dad had the same thing (from being a bricklayer for 50+ years) but i also thought i was pretty careful when it came to protecting myself from the sun... i've always used a high SPF but this just goes to show you, one over-exposed day can do you in so PLEASE wear your sunscreen girls/gals...

my grocery shopping went very well last night - i was in/out in about an hour and spent just over $100 (which is amazing to me and that included wine)... i do enjoy grocery shopping, not sure why, so the cart-filled aisles didn't bother me (though not knowing the store layout did! ha!)... after i got home and unpacked everything - i made two batches of sugar cookie dough and will making those tonight... i also wrapped the rest of my xmas presents and then had some time to relax before calling it a night... :)

the office is desolate today - i'm dressed as casual as i could (no jeans) and put on my santa hat so that was a fun ride-in this morning... my boss just ran to border's to do some last minute shopping and until i get the stat release this afternoon - i have nothing to do... le sigh...

so i'll make good use of my time and share some links with you... enjoy! :)

- nine west shoe sale (30% off)
- watch tv shows online (for free)
- breakfast ideas for over the holidays
- camera for your pet (i seriously might get one of these - how funny!)
- restaurant gift certificates (use code: HOLIDAY for an add'l 80% off)
- holiday tv show marathon schedules

merry christmas eve! :)

Lyn  – (9:27 PM)  

I am so glad they caught it early! This is one of my fears... I have so many moles. I really need to just go in and get a baseline check.

Merry Christmas :)

Q102Briand  – (7:06 AM)  

Jodi...I hope you had a great Christmas :-) I am glad you found out about the skin cancer early and got treatment.

Heres to a great 2009!


willy Revi  – (1:52 AM)  

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