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FINALLY! my cable is working again and the guy was so nice that he gave me his name and cell phone number if i had problems in the future... he said that some technicians just don't care and if the problem seems difficult, they'll just leave and have someone else deal with it... can you believe that?! seriously, if i knew i'd be in that apartment for another year - then i'd switch to something else... but i'm HOPING that things will progress with eric and i soon (ahem!) and i'll be moving into his place and never have to worry about comcast again... :)

so now that my cable has been fixed, i feel like my life can return to normal... something about being unconnected just makes me feel so unsettled and i know that's a horrible thing to say - but without phone or internet, i just feel isolated... i WAS able to get a few channels though with some rabbit ears so i watched the season finale of the biggest loser... i had watched a few shows over the season but wasn't consistent with it but have to say, they all looked amazing... i AM glad, however, that two women won! :)

as for everything else - i've just been working and doing my usual thing which unfortunately, has not included exercise... i will be honest and say that i'm terrified of stepping on the scale - it's sort of like "don't look and you won't know how bad the damage is"... i mean, i know i haven't gained 20 pounds but i'm not where i was this summer and never thought i'd like things slide this much... i was doing well with monthly weigh-ins for a while but then stopped, and THAT is where i let things go... if i knew that i'd had time to post today - i would've brought my oprah review because one of the main things she said, in the article, was how she didn't keep her health & well being a priority (even with all that money and all that help around her)... how many of you can say you've been there, done that? i know i have and i'm ashamed to say - that is what happened to me...

regardless of when/where/how/why - i DO know that i have to pull-up my boot straps and get back on the saddle... i will most likely do WW again but need to call and find out if i can go to one meeting (to get more specifics on the new plan) before signing-up online... since being promoted - i've had more to do and more responsibilities but that's also led to skipped workouts because i feel i have to stay and do work... work is important but it's not my life and i really need to work on that more in 2009... :)

so that's what's been going on with me... i'm sorry that i haven't been reading your blogs (see above) so i'll try and catch-up as best i can... :)

happy hump day...

sharla***  – (8:54 PM)  

Hey Jodi,
Hope your cable works out.

I thought of you yesterday when I was at Marshalls buying a Vera Bradley file, binder, desk set thingy- reminded me of the Christmas you were thinking of the purse. ( was that 2 Christmas' ago?)

TrixieBelden  – (10:56 PM)  

i totally know how much not having cable and internet sucks! i'm so happy for you that it is back on. it reminds me that i need to call time warner and ask for some kind of deal for saying with them when i didn't have cable for 6 weeks!

anyway, i think you have a great attitude and you sound really positive. i think i'm taking your advice and joining a gym. i need to check out if i get a discount through work or my hmo. but, i'll probably do it this weekend.

take care!

Teresa  – (9:57 AM)  

Welcome back to the www. Isn't it surprising how hooked we are on this technology. Hope things run smoothly from here on out. Keeping my fingers crossed you get you wish.

Vickie  – (8:19 AM)  

my mom's comcast has now been out for three days. they are pretty much home bound in the winter - so no TV is a very big deal. They are stocked on books and I offered to take over DVDs but they are the age where the news is a really big deal 24-7.

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