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eric bought a new truck yesterday and it is beautiful... even though it's a chevy (ahem), it's very nice - a/c, cruise control, and power windows/locks... it also comes with OnStar and XMradio (free for 3 months) which makes it even nicer... it will taking some getting used too though since it's much taller and longer than his old one - i can't wait to drive it! and yes, i talked him into buy harley-davidson floormats... ;)

today, we did the kitten run - there were 7 crates in my car and it was a quiet ride to the rescue (for the most part anyway)... eric held two of them - one was a long-haired orange tabby that had the bluest eyes, and the other was a short-haired grey/white tabby that just loved sitting on his lap... the rescue we went too services over 25 area PetSmarts and the guy said there are some weeks that they don't have enough kittens to give them... even though they will be adopted eventually, it still broke my heart seeing all the cages full - i wanted to hug and kiss them all! so if you are thinking about getting a pet this holiday - PLEASE consider your local animal shelter or rescue - there are thousands of animals that need a good home! :)

as for the rest of the day - it will consist of watching football (steelers vs. cowboys then redskins vs. ravens) and then having eric's beer can chicken for dinner... if you've never tried it - you MUST because it's incredibly moist and tender... :)

enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Elephant Steps  – (5:06 PM)  

OMG I want one or two or 25 of those guys!! They are so damn cute when they are little!!

Diet Coke and Zingers  – (6:58 PM)  

Cute kitties! I am a cat lover myself!

Amy  – (8:06 PM)  

Poor little baby kitties. I adopted both of my boys from the shelter. Love them to bits!

Cory  – (2:08 PM)  

Nice truck!

And the kittens are adorable. I wish I could have a pet....although it would probably be a dog for me! I like other people's cats, but I'm not really a cat person myself.

Teresa  – (12:00 PM)  

Oh the kitties are too cute. Congrats on the new truck.

Kara  – (6:21 PM)  

I live in southern MD and may be getting a cat soon (huge mouse problem!) Where exactly are these kittens?

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