finding my way back

hello everyone... i can't believe it's been almost two weeks since i posted - between my vacation and coming back to an extremely busy office, i haven't had a chance to sit down... i also haven't caught-up on any blogs so i apologize for that, and hoped i haven't missed anything too exciting... since i don't want to bore you guys with too many details, i'll just give you a brief recap of what i've been up too and share some pics... :)

  • we haven't made any progress on the wedding besides i bought 2 books (the green bride and planning a green wedding), bought 2 magazines at the store this morning, and signed up for a new blog... when it's set-up and running - i'll share it with you, of course... i also need to get my ring re-sized and have to call a few places this week - i just don't want to part with it! :(

  • the depeche mode concert was awesome! it was my first time having lawn seats and we could see and hear perfectly... the best part of the night was buying 2 soft pretzels and 2 beers for $35... awesome...

  • my vacation to NC (with mom) was good - it was really hot and i got a bit too much sun on the first day so i tried to lay low for the rest of the trip... at one point, we were standing in the ocean and my mom said, "you aren't wearing your ring, are you?"... i just had to laugh... the best part of the trip - besides playing w/her dog that was half great dane and basset hound - was going to the shrimp man and buying fresh seafood off the boat for $4/pound... these things were massive!
  • work has been extremely busy - my coworker took her vacation this past week and all the stuff that she didn't finish, fell into my lap... i don't think i got to what i was suppsed to be working on until thursday afternoon and there's more to do tomorrow - i just hope it calms down soon...
  • this weekend has been VERY busy - friday night i went to happy hour with some old coworkers... saturday, we did a lot of yard work, got my haircut, did some cleaning, laundry, and then we took the bike up to see my brother... today, we went to the nats game and had a great time! we drank, we ate, and it was VERY hot - just glad to be home in the a/c finally...
  • sadly, i've exercised once since coming back from vacation and as for eating, well - let's just say it hasn't been perfect... i don't think i've gained much but i've certainly haven't lost anything either... on a good note - the fridge is full of healthy stuff and i'm happy to be going back to the green monster tomorrow...:)
guess that's all i have for now - hope you're all doing well and i promise to get caught-up soon... enjoy the pics! :)

depeche mode still rocks...

me on a giant sand-turtle...

my first soft-shell crab samich...

our first nats game and they won!

and my first half-smoke from ben's chili bowl...

the national cathedral - so beautiful...

Vickie  – (8:37 AM)  

I had wondered where you were - glad it was off having (mostly) fun!!!

Fatinah  – (10:55 AM)  

good to hear from you!

I like that picture of you and your honey bunny!

♥ Kenz ♥  – (12:12 PM)  

I just fell in love with that sand's so cute!

The Green Bride Guide  – (8:47 PM)  

Let me know how you like The Green Bride Guide. I hope you come back and share your story in the Real Green Wedding section of the site. Good luck and congratulations!


Beth  – (3:53 PM)  

Sounds like you had a good time with your Mom - I can only go into the ocean ankle deep.

When I was 16 I was on vacation with my family in Nags Head, NC, and I get swept about 50 yards down the beach by an undertoe, and I am not a good swimmer, which probably saved me!

Um, pretty sure I want that crab sammie! :D

Sonya  – (8:20 PM)  

Cute pictures! Flaunt that bling, girl!:-)

Trish  – (10:41 AM)  

That church is beautiful! Congrats on the engagement. Sounds like you have been extremely busy.

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