so i hopped on the scale yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see that i lost a few pounds (instead of gaining)... i was down almost another pound this morning so i'm saying 161 for right now... i lost track of the last challenge i was doing and yes, i stuck to the green monster every morning (even while on vacay) but don't think i did my part re: exercise... but no worries... i was back at the gym yesterday and will be creating a new workout plan esp. for the arms since those are what i'm most concerned about for the wedding... i'm also planning NOT to go hog-wild and try to lose 20 pounds because you know what - i will gain probably half of it back when it's over... and because of the time-frame, i don't have the option of having several fittings either so i may just have to buy something off-the-rack, have it altered once and be done with it! :)

speaking of wedding, my weekend is filling up fast... i won't bore you with the details since you can click on the new link in the sidebar and read to your heart's content... my mom and i are meeting my sister and two nieces in frederick tomorrow and i'll be having my first wedding dress try-on session at 1:00... it happened so fast so i haven't had time to really think about it but yes, i'm excited... i've already sent the owner some ideas, so she knows what i'm going towards, as well as my size/shape... i have no idea what their prices are so this just may turn out to be something where i just see what looks good on me and what doesn't... wish me luck!

sunday seems to be my only free day this weekend, and even that isn't so "free" since we have some good friends coming over with their kids for dinner... i hope the weather is nice so we can grill outside... my friend will also be dropping off his tix for the steelers/skins pre-season game that eric & i will be going too next weekend... as usual, his team won last night and mine didn't... maybe i need to become a steelers fan 100%... ;)

well, it's off to get something to eat (leftover homemade, tomato and basil soup) and then to the gym... have a lovely weekend...


mak'n Changes  – (8:04 PM)  

Oh yay! Its funny how a wedding can be so motivating! I'm ├╝ber excited for you!

Jessie  – (12:46 PM)  

Well if you're trying to Slim down before the big day give Jillian Michaels Slimdown Widget a try. I had seen her on the biggest loser but they never show you full routines you can do at home but i just found out she has a widget with a bunch of short routines I can do at home. So far ive lost 5 lbs but thats 5 less than last week. Im at 138...I wanna be 125 so 13 to go! Wish me luck!! Check her widget out at :

Rebecca  – (8:46 PM)  

seriously...the weights gonna be dropping now that your so busy.

keep it up!!

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