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ugh, so sorry i haven't updated in a while... between work and the wedding, my life has just been crazy... AND eric and i leave for our annual camping trip tomorrow and are PRAYING that the hurricane doesn't cause too much rain/damage (at least i'll have some books, magazines, and my iphone)... i'm looking forward to getting away but am kind of stressed since we haven't picked a reception site yet and will need too rather quickly after we get home next weekend... once that happens, then it will be time to do the invites and get those in the mail as soon as possible - not giving people much time but the day was only confirmed this week... either way, i know everything will work out, it's just rather hectic right now... you can check out my other blog for more details... :)

we've set a date >> saturday, november 21, 2009

so i should be able to blog from the beach next week, if i feel the need too... i find myself using the iphone for lots of stuff and have been enjoying all the free apps - we've tried scrabble and love it! it's been most helpful when responding to emails, etc. and still can't believe i waited this long to get one... what was i thinking?!?!

well, i have a few things to wrap-up here then it's off to dress appt. #3...

have a great weekend and i'll talk to you soon, promise! :)

Fatinah  – (9:37 PM)  

have fun and stay safe!

Kim  – (9:18 AM)  

Congratulations on setting a date!! November is such a beautiful time of year for a wedding! :) And I am sure that yours is going to be amazing.

Have a wonderful time on vacation!!!!!! Make sure you actually get some relaxing done. :)

Teresa  – (9:41 AM)  

Have a great break. Hope the rain holds off. I'm sure you will find the perfect place to hold the reception. Relax and have fun.

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