well hello there

oh, how i LOVE my iphone... not sure why i waited so long but considered AT&T gets NO service in the metro, that's one problem i have to deal with... i used to have verizon but luckily sometime this fall - they will be working on having more carriers in the tunnels so i opted to go ahead and buy one now... yea, it's the most i've paid for a phone but i've been really good lately (no more weekly target visits) and thought it was time to treat myself... anyway, i haven't downloaded any apps yet but will sit down this weekend and see what's out there - anyone have apps they really love? :)

things have been crazy at work - my boss is on vacation and i had to work on some rather important web stuff today... it wasn't going well at one point and i felt so helpless (i believe a few tears were shed) - not knowing and understanding something really gets me down, but i did my best... hopefully things will still be functioning when i get into work tomorrow...

wedding stuff is going, as good as can be expected... i made another dress appt. for sunday, and will try to get one more in before we go on vacation next week... we spoke to the pastor on monday night so that part is in the works - reception sites are still being considered but there's not much i can do until we nail down a date... we did call two of eric's brothers to request his nephews to be in the wedding, the 13-year old will be with my 2 nieces and the 4-year old twins will be the ring bearers... how cute! :)

exercise could be better, i won't lie... i went to the gym monday but not tuesday or today (because of work) and was happy eric suggested we go play frisbee after work tonight... he also grabbed dinner, since he knew i had a horrible day - what else could a girl ask for? :)

anyone fans of that show 'californication'? we've been watching it (via the xbox and netflix) and love it... that david duchovany plays ones, twisted f*ck...

anyway, time to unwind a bit then hit the hay...

happy hump day...

Rebecca  – (8:56 AM)  

yeah for the iphone!!

i just got mine a few weeks ago because i couldnt justify the cost..now i dont know what id do without it?!

i love californication...interesting to see what is going to happen this season with the wifey not in the picture...

if you like that, you may like Weeds! Awesomeness I tell you!

totegirl  – (12:12 AM)  

You totally deserved that phone! I'm working on deserving mine, but moving into a new place just screams for weekly target visits!

Sonya  – (8:30 AM)  

That phone is soooo amazing!

Glad to hear that all the wedding planning is gong well. So exciting!

Don't feel guilty about not getting to the gym, either - this is such an exciting time in your life. It'll happen when things settle down again.

Irene  – (9:49 AM)  

Love the iphone!! Very cool!! You;ll get in the gym soon...

Teresa  – (12:03 PM)  

DH has the Iphone and is quite addicted to it. Good to hear you had a nice vacation. Its always difficult to come back to work especially when there is too much to do. Good luck with the wedding plans.

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