We've had a mix of good and bad weather so far - it poured the night we got here so I'm thankful that our bed is in the back of the truck. Beach was great yesterday - saw porpoises jumping out of the water! :) Today, it's been cool and cloudy so we ran a few errands (beer and food) and Eric's in the process of making a fire so we'll enjoy reading for a while. :) Happy Monday...

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Vickie  – (10:14 PM)  

I think you are brilliant for the back of the truck - has to be a lot less buggy - a lot cleaner and a lot safer. And I am sure it means you can bring a near bed quality thing to sleep on. Is the cab high enough to stand - ???

Teresa  – (11:44 AM)  

Aww sorry to hear it has been wet and rainy. Hopefully the remainder of the week perks up for you. Have a wonderful holiday.

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