day 4

funny how i really didn't think that i'd be home this ENTIRE week and not go into labor... apparently, the doctor isn't really worried either since everything looked fine at my checkup yesterday - the little bugger is moving fine, head is still in position, and i'm up to 2cm and 80% effaced... i'm going to stop saying, "could be anytime now" and just focus on monday being THE day, as it's been planned all along... i am still secretly hoping for tomorrow (since my doctor is on-call) but again, anything is possible at this point... so, stay tuned my friends... :)

so what have i been doing all week? besides sleeping-in (which has been wonderful) - i've walked on the treadmill everyday, watched a million cooking shows, gone grocery shopping, cleaned, and organized... there's really not much else i can do at this point besides wait... and wait some more... /sigh/

hope you're having a more productive week than me! :)

happy thursday...

Teresa  – (12:30 PM)  

Enjoy the calm while you can.

sharla  – (1:48 PM)  

Hang in ther Jodi!

When the time cares, the thought of who's on call, just goes out the window.

Hope you have a restful weekend!

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