last day until january 2011

this could be my final update (who knows at this point):

  • current weight: 206.4
  • gained so far: 35.6 pounds
  • how many weeks: 38
today is my last day in the office... besides random people stopping-by to say goodbye and wish me well, it's been pretty normal... i was able to get my last big project off to the printer AND my boss was able to tell me that i got a 9.9% raise! holy cow! during my review last week, she mentioned that HR was going to do this salary-comparison thing and apparently, it worked to my advantage... i will say some extra thank-you's in my prayers tonight because i feel really truly blessed to have a good job (in this economy), a great boss, and awesome coworkers... :)

in pregnancy news, i felt pretty bad yesterday - lower back pain, tired, and sluggish... i really thought "this could be it" but of course, it wasn't... when i got home - all i wanted to do was take a bath so while eric made quiche for dinner, that's exactly what i did... then we watched some tv, and then i layed down on the bed and watched 'alien' for the 100th time... it had to have been almost 1:00 by the time i fell asleep, but not waking-up during the night helped and i've felt okay today... so far, so good... :)

weekend plans: breakfast at a friend's house tomorrow morning and then i told eric that we should take some things to goodwill... the weather in DC sounds amazing - sunny and in the lower 70s - so i hope to enjoy the sun for a bit, or at least be outside for a while... maybe i'll go for a walk too since they said that can help "move things along"... i haven't exercised in a while and really should because i certainly won't be able too after this guy is born (for a few weeks anyway)...

well, that's all i have for right now... hope you're having a good friday and have a fabulous weekend! :)

Lil' Miss Petunia  – (9:57 PM)  


I've been a "quite" reader for some time now. I just wanted to say congrats and wishing you and Eric the very best with your little one on the way. :-)

Vickie  – (8:13 AM)  

my oldest was born on his due date

my girls were LATE and I was looking for a trampoline (kidding, but not really kidding).

I walked myself into labor with my second one. This made all my neighbors really nervous (I had been in bed for whole pregnancy, I think they all thought I would be delivering on the side walk in front of their house when they saw me up and walking).

third one I was looking for an ATV ride to bounce her out. thought she might be ready for kindergarten by the time she appeared.

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