deckard is sleeping so i thought i'd take advantage of some free minutes and write a quick post... sunday was his 1-week birthday - it is going by so quickly and yet, some moments drag-on like early morning feedings... last night was the longest so far, between the feeding before bed and the first one of the morning - at 3.5 hours... i feel like a new person when i'm able to get over 5 hours of sleep and being it's hard for me to nap during the day - i really look forward to evenings and start crashing around 9:00... any advice on sleeping during the day if you're NOT a napper? i never have been... :(

we had our 2nd appointment w/the pediatrician on monday - his weight was down an ounce so she gave advice on how to do better feedings (15-20 minutes on both sides)... being that he's producing more soiled diapers now - things could be evening-out, and hopefully by next tuesday his weight will be up... since she didn't do the heel-prick test (his weight needs to be closer to his birth-weight), we opted to get flu shots instead... my arm is still sore! ouch!

today's agenda: taking pictures of deckard so i can order his announcement, and painting a set of wooden letters that i bought for the nursery... that's about it... not sure if we'll get a walk in or not, since it's raining, so it may be a lazy day inside (nothing new as of late)... :)

happy hump day...

Vickie  – (12:52 PM)  

there is fore milk and hind milk. the fore milk is for thirst, hydration. the hind milk is calories, substance.

Depending on how quickly he sucks, limiting his time on a side might mean he is getting mostly fore milk and not the richer milk.

the longer on one/same side, the more calories.

Docs do NOT get a lot of education on breastfeeding. some docs have had just a presentation or less (total).

Certified lactation consultants (not just RN who thinks she knows and teaches breastfeeding classes, but an actual CERTIFIED consultant) are the best people for information.

JODI  – (3:55 PM)  

i was told the reason for this (both sides) was because it will help me to produce more milk... the doctor's office has a lactation consultant so perhaps i should give her a call...

Christy Ann  – (4:05 AM)  

I had our second son 4 weeks ago and was excited to see baby Deckard had arrived.

I was never a napper, but believe me, you will soon become one!! It still doesn't come naturally, but sleep-deprivation takes over and you *will* end up napping and it's a good thing!

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