Yup, he's still in there

i started walking on the treadmill yesterday (30-minutes) thinking that would help move things along, and did so today as well... it's kinda nice to be able to watch tv at the same time because the time just flies by! this afternoon, i went to homegoods and the grocery store - apparently, all the stay-at-home moms and expectant mothers had the same idea because that store was a bit crazy... i picked up a bundle of washcloths and some stuff for dinner - then came home, watched ellen, and now i'm watching oprah... don't be jealous - i've been quite bored honestly... :(

tomorrow is my last appt. with the OB so we'll see how much progress i've made this week... i keep looking at the "who's on call" list and have picked my ideal doctor/day (weds or fri), but we all know that isn't how it will happen (one can wish though)... and who schedules inductions at 6:00am, on a monday, anyway... :(

well, time for my afternoon snack - i found some mutsu apples this wekened and they have been super yummy with peanut butter... :)

happy tuesday...

Fiona  – (2:25 AM)  

Hi, have been 'lurking' for a while and just wanted pop in and say Hello and how exciting! - although I'm sure it doesn't feel too exciting for you at the minute :)

Fi, lurking in SIngapore.

Teresa  – (12:29 PM)  

All the best for a speedy delivery. Take care.

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