today marks deckard's 1-month birthday - still hard to believe that he's only been here that long... my days and nights blur together most of the time and i have no concept of what day it is, but i do know that the last 30 days or so have been the most trying, exhausting, emotional, wonderful, and utterly amazing time of my life... since things have been so busy, i'm not sure if i've actually had time to REALLY process becoming a mother... i mean i KNOW this is my role in life now and it's something i've dreamed about since i can remember, but i'm not sure that it's fully sunk-in... seems silly, but it's true... perhaps when eric goes back to work next week and i'm home alone, with deck, i'll really understand what all this means and where my life is going... i'll write about my thoughts on the first month very soon... :)

since we didn't have a doctor's appt. or anywhere to go today, we were able to go back to sleep after his 7:00 feeding which was nice... i made oatmeal for breakfast and then did the usual feed/tv thing for a while, then did some laundry, and then decided to go for a walk around a nature center/garden not far from the house... we were blessed with gorgeous weather again so i wanted deck and i to take advantage of it and spent about an hour walking around and taking photos...

gotta run, baby's crying... happy hump day! :)

Vickie  – (8:03 AM)  

it has been a long time since I have had a newborn - so he looks so tiny to me! (and my kids are sort of amazons right around 9lbs at birth so there is that too). Very cute pics!

my mom always stayed for 2 weeks and so I can identify with that 'going to be on my own' feeling. I can also identify with the days running together. I just read a quote that said something like 'the days are so long, but the years go so quickly'. And that sums up life with children very aptly.

Teresa  – (10:59 AM)  

1 month celebration congratulations. The first few months are quite the blur, with never a moment to spare. He so sweet. Keep well.

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