2-days in a row

we had more good news today... deck gained 10 oz. since last friday and is now above 8 lb. which is above and beyond what he should've gained, according to the doctor... nice job, baby boy! he's now just a few oz. short of where he should be on the weight scale and she is very confident that he'll keep moving in the right direction... she still wants me to pump for 10-minutes after each feeding and we're to cut back on the formula, unless he needs it (i.e. doesn't nurse well or the pacifier doesn't soothe him)... this news really makes me feel better and yes, i know we still have a long way to go but at least he's over the hump and making progress... thanks for all the words of encouragement... :)

the weather has been pretty rainy and cold today, so after we got back from the doctor - i rested for about an hour (don't think i ever fell asleep) and then we caught-up on some shows we had on the DVR... we are fans of boardwalk empire and hoarders, and now walking dead which is on AMC - great show, if you're into zombies... ;)

my thrift store shopping trip yesterday resulted in a few things, though trying on pants was rather discouraging... since i refused to try on size 18s, i somehow managed to find 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of pants (16s) as well as some shirts and a few sleepers for deck... i also found a harley-davidson tshirt but it's way too big right now and will be perfect for next summer (hopefully)... :)

well, i guess i need to start thinking about dinner and getting deck awake for his next feeding... it's pitch black outside and feels much later than 6:20 - certainly not liking this daylight savings time...

happy tuesday...

Vickie  – (12:34 PM)  

I hadn't realized you were having daycare drama, that had to have been very unnerving. How many weeks do you have left? I think you mentioned you were already at 4weeks - I can't believe how quickly the time has gone!

glad you found some pants to tide you over.

and very glad things are going better.

Are you storing/freezing what you are pumping for baby sitter to use?

Sizzle  – (2:27 PM)  

We are obsessed with Hoarders too. Makes me want to clean my house after viewing an episode (and I am pretty much a neat freak already). Walking Dead is my favorite new show!

Teresa  – (11:01 AM)  

Glad to hear he's coming along weight wise. Good luck getting set up in day care, hope it all works out.

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