he loves his mom

haven't had much time to do anything besides nurse, pump, formula, eat, sleep, walk, and this... we go back to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully he's gained some weight (fingers crossed)... :)

Kim  – (8:20 PM)  

Ahhhh, welcome to the world of motherhood!! :) He is precious Jodi. Looks like you are doing everything right. :)

Vickie  – (1:31 AM)  

said with a smile - do you mean walk to the bathroom, walk/jiggle the baby, or do you mean exercise walk?

JODI  – (9:15 AM)  

walk = taking a walk with the baby... i cannot "exercise" until my 6-week checkup (doctor's orders)...

Teresa  – (11:42 AM)  

Hope check-up goes well. You're doing a wonderful job. The first few months are very intense, but rest assured things do get easier. He's so sweet, enjoy.

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