where did october go?

it's a chilly and rainy day here in maryland - deck is sleeping and eric is out tinkering in the garage... think i'll stay in my jammies all day - not like i have anywhere to go really... we are on a newly, regimented feeding plan after meeting with the lactation specialist yesterday - she was VERY helpful and shed a lot of light on why he's not gaining weight... because he's not strong enough to feed at 100% right now, my body isn't producing enough milk and he's not getting enough nourishment... the new gameplan is 1) continue nursing on both sides but be more aggressive, 2) pump for 15-minutes to get things get more stimulated, and 3) feed him 1 ounce of formula after each feeding... we are not thrilled with the formula - he spits up more and doesn't smell as nice, BUT i know this is to help him grow and get stronger... she said i may not even produce milk at first and that it will take a few days for my body to respond, but to keep at it and eventually the DQ (dairy queen) will be open for business again... even though i felt a bit overwhelmed after leaving the office, and still do because of all the extra work we have to do - i know this is what's best for deckard... we go back on tuesday and she hopes he will have gained a few ounces and be back to his birth weight... if so, then we can scale back on everything and just concentrate on nursing again... i am SO looking forward to that... :)

our 1st halloween was pretty uneventful - i think we got about 10 trick o'treaters altogether... my sister found this cow costume and though it was a few sizes too large, i put it on deck anyway and tried to get a few pics... and notice how he has his hands/fingers in his mouth all the time - too funny! i liked the "i'm batty for daddy" onesie better... :)

happy thursday...

Blossom  – (10:46 AM)  

Aw he's such a cutie! Glad you are doing well.

Vickie  – (5:37 PM)  

very glad you found a lactation consultant - they are wonderful. If I am reading what you said - she is having your 'pump off' a side to get rid of some of the foremilk and stimulate let down before he nurses?

and did she worn you about pacifiers? if he gets all his sucking out on a fooler, then he will not suck as aggressively on you. and it is his sucking on you that produces milk.

if you have to supplement on an on going basis, there is a device called an S&S. It is a tiny tube that you tape to your breast with the end right at your nipple. he is then supplemented right at the breast as he nurses.

pictures are DARLING!

Teresa  – (10:43 AM)  

Awww so cute in his Halloween costumes. Time flies pretty fast when you're busy. Good luck, hope all works out with the feeding issues. Have a nice weekend.

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