growing like a weed

so much for keeping this blog up-to-date... the past week has been a blur with the holiday and all, and now we believe deck is going thru a growth spurt so evenings are rougher than usual and i'm feeding him constantly (or so it seems)... he appears to be okay during the day but as soon as 6:00 comes - he's a different baby... i hope it passes soon because it's taking quite the toll on me emotionally and physically... :(

thanksgiving was good - we went to my sister's in western maryland and spent the day w/them, my brother, and my mom... deck was out of sorts for much of the day - he made the 3-hour drive w/out waking up but as soon as we got there, all hell broke loose and he was a mess for the rest of the day... i had to hold him while eating so i don't remember much of the actual meal... on the following day, we headed to pittsburgh where he was a little better but still out of sorts - poor guy, so many new surroundings and people... we also had him sleep in this portable bed type thing and i didn't like the fact that he was on the floor and not between us like at home... people kept saying that he won't know where he is, but i did... unfortunately, the drive home from there is longer (4+ hours), we had to stop so i could do a diaper change and nurse... guess i'm not the only person who's done that in the parking lot of a gas station... we came back saturday night to beat the sunday traffic and had the next day to just chill-out and relax...

this week has also been busy with doctor's appointments - i had my 6-week OB checkup and he said everything looked good and that i can resume all pre-pregnancy activities (which have yet to happen because of the fussy baby)... i would LOVE to start exercising but can't w/the way things are going right now - hopefully next week will be better... i can't even think about starting WW again plus i heard there's a new plan so i'll have to do some research... i also went to the endocrinologist and was given the go-ahead to stop my daily lovenox shots - yay! so no more of those for me until we get pregnant again (if and when)... i also went to two different Targets to find a 3' tree, 2 grocery stores, and a dollar store... poor deck, good thing he likes his car seat...

tomorrow, eric's office is throwing us a baby shower so i'll have to drive in to his office - hope i can deck and myself out of the door in time... i've been able to work around his eating schedule pretty well this week, but the way things are going right now - it's anyone's guess how it will go... not much i can do at this point besides give him the boob and be patient...

and ontop of all this - i've been trying to decorate for xmas and it's not going well... i am so used to getting things out and getting everything done in a matter of a day or so, but the dining room has been a mess for days and i'm still only half done... i have to do things while deck's sleeping and if i'm lucky, that's about 2 hours during the day at this point... i keep wondering why i'm bothering this year, but damnit - it's decks first xmas and i refuse to do things half-assed (it's bad enough that we're not getting a real tree)... i've tried using the sling too and he's not liking it for some reason - maybe i'm doing it wrong but he seems really crammed in there... :(

sorry for all the debbie-downer stuff - its just been a rough few days... hope you had a nice holiday and here's some pictures from our family visits... enjoy! :)

Fiona  – (5:27 AM)  

Thank you for taking the time to update and provide cute pics! It will get easier/better, its just hard to see that far at the minute.
Do you have any other new Moms you can compare notes with? And if you meet some who tell you its ALL good - don't believe them, its basically hard slog, but so worth it :)

Vickie  – (7:09 AM)  

All you write is pretty normal life with a baby.

And put up the tree and forget the rest of your normal decorations. The baby doesn't care about decorations, he just wants his mom.

I have a girl friend who used to say of her middle child - he nurses every hour, for an hour.

Getting a shower was a major accomplishment.

I had one child (my youngest) where I used to put her in the shower with me, in order to get a shower (and then she got her bath too, double bonus, and she was my earliest swimmer, quite a little fish as she was not at all afraid of the water. I held her while I showered, but have to be very careful/sure about this as a wet baby is a slippery baby. And this was my third child.)

If he is fussy in evening - look at what you are eating. Dairy is usually the problem. Anything with caffiene can put them over the top. Gas producing things like apples and uncooked broccoli will also do it.

Often people try to 'fix' the baby. And it is usually their expectations and lifestype that needs adjusting. Especially with little ones (under a year) often just can't do what one used to.

Laura  – (10:15 PM)  

Wow - I can totally relate! My little one was super fussy for the first 3 months, and it always seemed worse at big family gatherings. I think she was just way over stimulated, and she also was colicky. By the 3rd month, she was like a new baby - calm and happy. It's definitely hard in all respects (physically, mentally, and emotionally), but just keep in mind that it's just a phase. I swaddled my little one, and that seemed to help once she got used to that. Some nights, though, we were up all night watching QVC....! Hang in there!

Teresa  – (12:16 PM)  

Looks like you had a great time. Hope all continues to go well. Take care and have fun with Deck.

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