this isn't my christmas present, right?

so much for spending the weekend with the hubby - eric has been out for most of the day looking at new trucks, and is in the process of finishing up the paperwork as we speak (see pic below)... it's not that we didn't love the truck we had, but there was no room for a car seat and that's a big factor considering we go camping and take long trips to PA... he did his research and even drove it here so i could go for a ride - i gave my approval though it really wasn't needed (but very appreciated)... my dad always owned a truck and i have found memories of riding around with him and my dog, and am glad that eric will be able take deck on road trips to home depot and god knows where else... i love the color! :)

here's a link to more of deck's 2-month photos... i think they came out smashingly... :)

and in other news - eric's mom is having a heart valve replacement on thursday so he may be heading to pittsburgh for a few days... his parents were supposed to be heading to their condo in florida, but she had an abscessed tooth and because of that - the doctor discovered that she had more urgent matters to take care of... unfortunately, eric's dad will have to go into a nursing home for a few weeks while she recovers, but i feel this is the best option since she's his primary caregiver and will need taken care of herself... i know it's such a crappy time be having surgery, but i'm glad she's not putting it off and that there's a lot of family around to help out... prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated... :)

i can't believe that christmas is 1 week away! i have 1/2 of my shopping done and will need to step up the pace this week... we're not a big-present type of family, but the nieces still get presents and i'm sure deck will get his share of stuff so i'm pretty excited... still debating on how we're going to manage christmas eve service, but i'm hoping he'll be well fed and sleepy... :)

hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and GO STEELERS! :)

Vickie  – (9:12 AM)  

loved all the pics in your link

not sure how black and white works with digital (like maybe every pic can be black and white) but my husband used to shoot a roll of b&w every so often of the kids. it shows bone structure in a different way and is very nice to have. some of our favorite pics are the b&w's.

you are absolutely right about putting him in nursing home so she can take care of herself and relax. best wishes to her for her surgery and recovery. and how fortunate they found the problem in a non-emergency type way.

glad things are goin well

Lil' Miss Petunia  – (12:32 PM)  

Sending up prayers for Eric's mom, praying for a speedy recovery.

Vickie  – (10:15 AM)  

Merry Christmas!

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