today was deck's first meeting with santa and it went really well - i timed it so he was well fed and when we got to the mall, there was no line! hard to believe, but i was really glad (i can't imagine how crazy weekends are)... the gentleman playing santa was super nice, quite authentic, and handled deck very carefully so you could tell he had years of experience... deck's eyes were closed for most of the time, but he managed to open them so we could get a good shot - that's my boy... i've already scanned and ordered prints for our xmas cards so i consider today a success... :)

eric got home this morning around 4am - his flights were delayed from both florida and then atlanta because of the weather... poor guy... he's sleeping in the recliner right now and i hate to wake him but probably should so he can go to bed...

tomorrow i'm doing some shopping w/mom, can't wait... :)

happy monday!

Vickie  – (8:25 AM)  

very cute pic
glad things are going well

Teresa  – (11:29 AM)  

Very sweet! Wish DD could get picture of our little guy but no Santa in Egypt. Will have to wait till next year. Weather has been awful here too. Have fun shopping with Mom.

Blossom  – (9:24 PM)  

Aw, what a cute picture! I think, be happy you have one because often (according to my GFs who have young kids!) they often decide later they don't like Santa anymore! lol

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