in my jammies before 8:00

i've had my bath, beef stew is in the crock-pot, and i'm not enjoying the vikings/saints football game (go favre)... how exciting would it be to see manning vs. favre in the superbowl? two words - AWE SOME... :-)

it's been a productive weekend so far - went to spin class yesterday and barely made the list (sometimes if you're not there by 8am, there are no spots left)... it was a great class and i had no problems keeping up - was a bit worried since it had been a few months, but no problem! the instructor had great music and managed to burn 600+ calories - go me! in the afternoon - i got my haircut, exchanged a wedding present at crate & barrel, visited w/my best friend, and did a few small projects around the house before getting ready for "game night"... eric's friend had invited us over to their house to play games - never heard of apples to apples, but it was really fun! we also played risk and that took FOREVER, was that game always so long? i also ate WAY too many cheese & crackers and wine (yellow tail pinot noir is fabulous!)... just when i thought the evening was over at 11:30, we met some other friends at a local pub and hung-out til after 2:00am... haven't done that in a long time... :-)

this morning, i was up early because i wanted to get to sears for new tires and an oil change... eric came along and requested that we stop at mcdonald's for breakfast - i had an egg mcmuffin and hash brown, but tracked both on my phone... $500 later, we came home and started the laundry and went thru my paper lanterns and silk hydrangeas to sell on craigslist... i also went thru all our wedding photos (finally) and posted a ton on facebook - now, i just have to research wedding albums and get that project crossed-off my list... :-)

this upcoming week will be busy, both at work and personally - i have therapy on monday, OB appt. on tuesday, and both therapy and a dermatologist appt on wednesday.... i still wonder why i'm still going, but will wait to see what my doctor says next week... i have been ignoring pain in my left foot - it doesn't feel like tumor but more like it my toes (hammer) which is not very good... how crazy would it be if i had three surgeries in one year? :-(

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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