vicki requested that i take a screenshot of my nutrients and as you can see, it breaks it down pretty well (the only one i'm not tracking is saturated fat)... hope this helps! :)

i am SO glad today is friday - like most 4-day weeks, it has been crazy busy and quite stressful... i had a bit of meltdown on tuesday (foot, work, weight, etc.), but am feeling better and hope that getting back into a normal workout routine will help... eric and i tried out the EA sports game the other night - it's pretty cool how you can race each other and stay motivated during a workout (we only did the 12-min one)... our basement, however, is not setup properly to do these types of exercises - there's not enough room and things need to be moved around... guess that will be happening this weekend because there's really nowhere else for us to go...

weekend plans are: haircut at 12:30 tomorrow and then we're going over to a friend's house to play games - not sure if that means board or electronic, but it should be fun... i would also like to go to spinning at some point and then the rest will be normal, weekend stuff... oh yea, and football on sunday... :)

hope you have a great weekend... happy friday...

Vickie  – (11:06 AM)  

thanks for printing the screens - loved seeing it.

did you figure out if calculations take fiber number out of carb number?

when I looked at top half of screen's numbers and saw how high your protein was and how low your carbs were - I thought - how? And then when I looked at the week - I realized the top half was just part of today - not whole thing.

I do love how it rolls up the numbers for you!!!

If it is easy - please show screens where you plug in your intake.

I know that you still do other exercise. So I am NOT talking about you.

I am actually asking you since you will be able to be objective in answering.

are the electronic games actually ANY real exercise at all?

Or are they a means of
social interaction,
non-couch potato activity,
non- food activity,
hand eye coordination,
perhaps tone - ?

I can think of exercises which involve staying in once spot (lunges and squats for example) that ARE real work when one is first starting. But even lunges and squats have to move on to walking lunges and squats pretty quickly as the stationary ones become too easy.

Most 'staying in the same general spot' things I consider TONE and not excercise. Yoga, Pilates, small muscle free weights, etc.

I wonder if people are fooling themselves thinking they are 'doing more than they are' - ?

if this isn't a unwanted topic - your thoughts?

Teresa  – (12:25 PM)  

Hope your weekend is blissful and stress free. Keep well.

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