still in my jammies

lazy, lazy, lazy - that's all i have to say... it's raining and it's cold so to me, that's a good excuse to stay inside... i DID venture out early this morning to the store - love it when the ailes and checkout lanes are empty! i cleaned yesterday so the only thing on my list today is: laundry... :-)

eric and i had fun at the RV show yesterday - there was everything from tiny, 2-person pods, to luxury coaches that cost more than most homes... some even came with granite countertops and fireplaces - no joke! guess if you're going to "live" in your motorhome, that's the way to go... if i had my choice - i would opt for a small airstream because they are modern and well-made... think high-end IKEA but in a camper - so cute! i got plenty of exercise too, since we went up-and-down a million set of stairs, and brought along granola bars since i knew the food-options would be less than ideal (which they were)...

and so far this weekend - i have tracked EVERYTHING... yay me! :-)

i decided to use one of our wedding-gift cards today, and ordered a few things from target... the Wii EA active sports game has gotten good reviews, so i picked-up that and 2 accessory packs that contains the leg and resistance bands... very excited to try it! :-)

well, i'm gonna get back to watching the vikings kill dallas - c'mon favre!

happy sunday...

KatDoesDiets  – (10:49 AM)  

I've heard a lot about the Wii EA. I'm excited to hear what you think about it. My teenager has a Wii, and I've been wanting to get something fitnessy for it, but there's SO many choices.

Teresa  – (12:06 PM)  

Enjoy your long weekend. I declared it PJ day yesterday as well.

dynagrrl  – (7:25 PM)  

EA sports active for the wii is absolutely AMAZING! I hope you love it, I know I do!

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