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So much for posting more in 2010 - I can't seem to find the time for anything these days... Between work (my usual excuse), therapy, doctor's appointments, and going to Pittsburgh for the hubby's family's Christmas - I can't seem to get caught-up! Even though I have a ton of work to do, I am taking the time to post since who knows when I'll be back...

Things have been less than ideal lately - I've been pretty down about my whole foot situation... I have hopes that therapy will work and he started me on a new procedure Friday where I receive medication (cortisone-like) via an electrode... It doesn't hurt and I will only get about 8 treatments total - then we'll see where I'm at...

I met w/my endocrinologist this morning, to go over my bloodwork, and thankfully - only 1 clotting factor was present (Factor V Leiden Gene Mutuation)... If I had more than 1 factor, chances of me getting another DVT or something else would be much higher - so good news! I just need to give him a call when I get pregnant, and then the fun begins (daily-shots)... :)

Eric hooked-up our Wii on Monday - we only have the basic and fit games, but so far they're pretty cool... According to the computer - we're overweight and have an activity age of 47! Awesome! Last night, we tried boxing and played 9-holes of golf... :)

And speaking of weight - I finally stepped on the scale Monday and it was NOT a pretty sight! I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm up to 172.6... According to eTools - I was 169 last January, 162 in April, and then back-up to 165 in October... I can't tell you when I stopped keeping track, but it's obvious I shouldn't have... :(

So after reading everyone's NY's resolutions, I stumbled across Kathleen's post about "Lose It" which is this great app for the iPhone... It's similar to WW where you keep track of what you're eating, but by calories and not points... I've really enjoyed using it and haven't had any issues so far - if a food doesn't show-up in the database, I just add it manually... In case you're curious, I took some screen shots of what the pages look like - pretty cool... :)

happy thursday... 

Fatinah  – (3:21 PM)  

that looks like a great app - you'll be back at your goal in no time!

Rebecca  – (3:42 PM)  

looks like you have a plan and that's usually the biggest hurdle!

Teresa  – (10:51 AM)  

Looks like a great app. Its taken me nearly two weeks to get back in the swing of things. Hope your foot gets better soon.

Foo  – (6:32 PM)  

Yay, glad you like using Lose It! I'm finding it to be pretty fun...did I just type that? You will be back to your goal weight in no time. You just got through a super stressful time (planning a wedding) add the foot injury...remember how my tailbone and back injury are what put the pounds back on me...it's tough to go from working out a lot to not. Hope you get to enjoy time off without having to use it up for surgery. Keep us posted!

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